“WORLD CLASS THINKING” Chapter 64, Passion & Purpose

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Emotions can either be the engine we use to get things done or, preclude us from accomplishment. Emotions are instinctive and run the gamut from love, joy and purpose at one end of the spectrum to anger, hate and horror at the other end. Not to mention a whole host of feelings in-between. Emotions have the ability to fuel our darkest fears or they can be our source of strength and determination.

Emotion without purpose, direction or balance has the potential to spiral out of control and madly take us off in uncharted directions; some good; some bad and some so far off course that we never find our way back.

It is the presence of the emotion passion where we witness real magic happen. Passion ignites the fire in our bellies. It is more than mere excitement; passion is all consuming, the expression and energy of an enthusiastic, self-articulating vow. Passion is the metaphysical manifestation of need and desire all rolled into one mission.

Purpose without passion is just a wish; passion without purpose is a loose cannon.

Pair passion with purpose ~ Think World Class