World Class Blog, T.K.O. Hard Work Beats IQ

Over the long term, hard work beats IQ every time.

The smart money is always on the hard working World Class performer. There are several reasons for this. Not the least of which is the hard work of any World Class performer consists of effort, passion, and just plain unshakable commitment to name just a few essential attributes.

The person who works hard to achieve a World Class standard of excellence invests long hours, often for several years, pursuing a focused goal ranking them amongst the best in the world. It is a good thing that they love what they do because hard work has no short cuts. Some mentors offer advice and direction. Don’t forget the accomplished World Class performers who have gone before that we can study and emulate. But the common denominator of the World Class performer is focused/hard work.

A high IQ score on its own is no guarantee of success or accomplishment.

As I said earlier, it takes more than just hard work. It takes relentless persistence, a willingness to overcome the most daunting obstacles and a nimbleness required to correct direction as the World Class performer tracks toward the goal. The Working world Class performer has one huge advantage over the competition. Through time and effort, they’re exposed to many different situations in their relentless pursuit. In that pursuit, the World Class performer has acquired a boatload of knowledge from which to draw. To the casual observer it may appear that this is “innate ability” or maybe even “luck,” nothing could be further from the truth.

So there it is; the great advantage the World Class performer has; an experience generated knowledge base, it gives them the ability to act decisively, quickly and with a degree of certainty. Without the experiential foundation to rely upon the competition finds themselves drawing on limited resources or at best making a calculated guess.

Hard work consistently pursued over time leads to experience and knowledge.

As a single comparative reference, IQ testing is an excellent measurement of intellectual capacity. Top quartile results can sometimes offer a social and economic advantage; conversely, a high IQ can have its pitfalls. It is never enough on its own; you can always find people who live in poverty or are self-professed underachievers at a Mensa meeting.

Hard work and the experience one gleans in the quest of achieving a standard that ranks amongst the best in the world is the cornerstone of being World Class.

Work Hard ~ Think World Class