World Class Blog, Self-Discipline Removes Doubt

Exercising self-discipline is good for your soul, your goals and your sense of accomplishment. It also has the added benefit of eliminating pesky second guesses and fears. It removes the doubt that filters into our psyche and takes up residence assuming the role of resistor and cynic. Rationalizing a less disciplined roll is the hallmark of middle-class thinking. Middle-class massive rationalizations abound when we shelve self-discipline for a more hedonistic alternative. Let’s just say, can’t be done, rather than investing the time to build skills and abilities incrementally. Cause when we give ourselves an out we usually take it.

Skills and abilities are the benefits of being self-disciplined.

World Class Thinking embraces the power of a disciplined commitment to routine and persistence. It becomes the executor of constructive advancement done in a consistent way toward a defined objective.

Self-discipline removes confusion about what you should be doing next or why you should be doing it. It provides definition to our goals, creates mile-markers for our vision and offers alternatives to the centenary and debilitating moments of wondering what’s next?

The power of self-discipline has inherently within it the power of accomplishment, of exploring the possibilities of our potential and defining the outer fringes of our limits.

Discipline equals freedom.

The freedom to choose, the freedom to develop and the freedom to take control of the big and little things that advance our efforts both short term and long term. Take time to define the routines that will best serve your life and engage in them with unflinching self-discipline. Chunk them down into achievable, yet challenging pieces and then do it, do it with a self-disciplined persistence and routine.

Know your inner clock.

When are you most inclined to follow-thru and honor your self-discipline. For some, it’s first thing in the morning while the rest of the world is half asleep. For others, it’s at 2 am when most have exhausted their energy levels. There is no universal right or wrong time to be self-disciplined, everyone has their own unique time and formula. When you do it is not near as impactful or important as that you do it.

Honour your self-discipline do it, make it a “carved in stone” commitment.

Don’t act against your better judgment ~ Think World Class