World Class Blog, Psychological Recession

Are current economic market conditions influencing your state of mind?

We are all faced with the same set of local, national and global forces regarding financial markets, government legislation, uncertain credit conditions. Volatile and eroding returns on stocks, bonds and mutual funds and stiff competition. The personal reaction divides into two camps; the middle class responds entirely differently from World Class Thinkers. Typically the majority of us respond in classic middle-class fashion with debilitating, fearful, deer in the headlights paralysis. The World Class minority continues to prosper and grow in spite of the market being bull or bear, regardless of currency fluctuations, and credit markets, and always oblivious to the competition.

Mark my words the next flurry of statistics that we will see will analyze and enumerate the new millionaires that have come out of the current economic state.  

Middle-class thinkers just want to be comfortable while World Class Thinkers are comfortable being uncomfortable. One is frozen and immovable, fixated on current events and recent history while the World Class Thinker continues to look for alternative ways of addressing problems ~ continually seeking to find solutions to bigger problems. 

Market conditions are the great equalizer. The real question is “where is the opportunity?” and more importantly “what is the World Class solution?”

Get ready to be comfortable being uncomfortable ~ Think World Class.