World Class Blog, Lost in Translation

Think of a time when you were trying to make a point with someone and all you could see was that glazed look in their eyes. You know they just aren’t getting it. What is the problem; it is not like I am speaking a foreign language, and my premise is well thought out (at least in my mind) and yet, the person you are talking to is completely unconnected and appears to be incapable of grasping the essence of what you are saying.

Gregory Rabassa, world respected literary translator and author said “Every act of communication is an act of translation”.

I think one of the fundamental flaws in communication that we have all been guilty of to some extent or another, is we get in the way of ourselves. We become just a little too narcissistic and think that if I understand the concept the whole world will understand the concept based on my terms of reference. After all, I am “ the centre of the universe”; right.

A cornerstone of effective communication is to understand your topic so well that you can present it in its most simple form. The World Class understands the power of effective communication and no; this is not dumbing it down. Dumbing it down suggests that you are smarter than the person you are trying to communicate with (back to that narcissism thing again). World Class communicators know how to capture the attention of their audience and the importance of bringing understanding through simple straight forward concepts, language and stories. Effective communication is not demonstrating how smart you are to the other person through intimidation, an advanced vocabulary or complex thesis. Effective communication is about sharing and understanding through conversation.

What moves people; straightforward conversations ~ Think World Class