World Class Blog, Life would be so easy if it would just follow a straight line

Life doesn’t follow a straight line. Nor is life a static affair; it’s continually presenting us with opportunities to change to learn to grow.

Change happens, breath by breath, moment by moment, 24/7. Change endlessly shifts the ground beneath our feet. No wonder we trip and stumble through life, reaching out for terra firma. Without preamble, the paths we travel can open up with unannounced fishers, or manifest unscalable peaks of daunting doubt.

Change casts a long shadow on the road ahead.

We persevere, it’s what we do. Sometimes stumbling with persistent intent and other times we find ourselves blindly bumbling at the whim of the prevailing wind. Everyone’s just trying to figure it out as best we can. Change has many faces. Responses have much more; at last count, 7 billion worldwide.

When change knocks it’s challenging rap on your door, don’t be a denier, pursue understanding. Centre yourself in the present, let go of doubt, fear and the debilitating.

Challenging a change is more engaging when you understand the precepts and the pending impact intellectually. Change does not mean compromise; it means engaging the faculty of thinking. We are all capable of cogitation, but it does take time, effort, commitment, dedication, practice and always, always, always, has a price tag.

Start with first trusting yourself.

Inherently you have all the tools within you that you will ever need to face change. Regardless if it’s life altering, or it’s just mildly inconvenient. The problem, most people, don’t think they have what it takes. They feel the only response to change is to roll over and take it. Responding with resentment or getting incoherently angry, mad at the uncontrollable, spitting vile and indignation to anyone and everyone within ear-shot is rarely constructive.

Define change on your terms and within your understanding.

Understand and honour your beliefs and always adapt to the change and choose to move forward on your terms.

Those who adapt fast adapt best ~ Think World Class