World Class Blog, Handling the Unexpected

When the unexpected shows up, how we handle it, says a lot about who we are, and how we operate. Challenge yourself to look at how you react to surprise and the unexpected. There is a valuable insight for you to glean from your reaction. When challenged by others, you may be inclined to deny or dismiss your response as involuntary. But look, I mean look with the goal of understanding why you respond the way you do. Eliminate the story, just direct your attention to your reaction and the emotion the surprise invoked. For this exercise the cause or event is secondary, save and except to monitor the intensity of your response. The facts should not be part of your analysis. All you are trying to do is to understand your unique response through introspection.

You may say that’s not fair, I will be judging myself on a single event. Your response to any unexpected event is a window into your style, belief, openness and resistance. Your reaction is the result of telltale traits, ingrained into your personality. Your response to an unexpected event says a lot about you. The reason for this, you repeat it in a variety of variations whenever you encounter the unexpected. It demonstrates, in a meaningful way how adaptable or reflexive you are to change and opportunity. It shows your ability or willingness to improvise, your thought reflexes, and the creativity you bring when caught off guard or surprised. It identifies emotional triggers that demonstrate how you deal with surprise, adversity and any number of other daily emotions that dominate when the unexpected shows up.

It isn’t that surprise or the unexpected may, or may not happen, once every fortnight. Life is a constant stream of surprises and unexpected things happening to us and around us. Nobody likes being blindsided, but we are inevitably exposed every time we walk out the door. Being prepared for the unknown is, well it’s impossible. If it were possible then the unknown would be known and where’s the surprise in that?

Through consciousness and self-awareness, we can develop response traits. World Class responses can be honed, developed and become your default when surprise darkens your door. It all starts with mindfulness and understanding our individual motivations. Handling the unexpected is where the World Class shine.

The World Class expect the unexpected ~ Think World Class