World Class Blog, Got a Minute? Let’s Talk

We engage in more conversations than we could ever count, day in and day out, one right after another. Most of them are simple exchanges, a transfer of information with little or no lasting impression. They’re pedestrian in their make-up and serve only the barest of need. Stripped down to just the essentials. You have information and I want it or conversely I have something you want. Efficient and purposeful but not all that engaging.

Then there are the conversations that cause us to think. They engage, inspire and intrigue. Sometimes meaningful other times memorable. These are the conversations that move us to action. Lasting in reflection and inspirational in our thought development.

Conversations are the classroom for continuous learning, for engagement. At times they rankle our ire, illicit compassion, bring laughter to our lips or a tear to our eyes, they can enrage, anger and cause feelings of righteous indignation. Conversations are the gateway to our souls, the entree to our beliefs and motivations. They can motivate us to move or stop us in our tracks. They lead us to gestate our thoughts. Provide fodder for debate or become material for new conversations with others. Don’t ever shy away from a civil conversation

Initiate a conversation today. Out of the blue, talk to someone, go ahead, put yourself out there. Start a conversation that you typically would not have, with someone you wouldn’t normally engage in conversation. Get things rolling. Then listen, respond, keep it going to see what nugget of knowledge you can take away.

Look for the opportunity, speak-up, brace yourself cause, at this point, anything can happen. All great conversations require someone to initiate it. Take responsibility, start the conversation, listen, engage and get ready; possibilities are about to unfold before your very eyes, some big, some small but possibilities each and every one of them.

Be inspired, be interested and be willing to receive.

Start the conversation ~ Think World Class