World Class Blog, Appreciation For a World Class Inspiration

Taking for granted routines and those who have our back is real easy. It’s an unfortunate side effect of relationships that grow bit by bit, small encounter by small encounter, building quiet rapport one unremarkable moment followed by the next and then the one after that. These unsung heroes are the gems in our lives, the diamonds on the soles of our feet that carry us sans acknowledgement or fanfare. People who are just there, authentically showing up free from expectation or quid-pro-quo agendas, people who share and care unconditionally. Cat’s in our backyard, incidental to the things we think are important or the things we choose to capture our attention.

The irony of all this is we typically never recognize the unsung inspirations for who they are, what they have done. Why? I guess familiarity breeds contentment, and we continue along our merry way believing there is time for that later. We expect they will always be there to share a passing comment, a quick laugh or an inspiring barb, to push us just a little more, to challenge us to reach just a little further. We do it; we feel a sense of self-satisfaction, and then we go home, feeling confident knowing we will do it again; next time.

We overlook the real inspirations in our life and get caught up looking for the next guru, the next new thing brought to us from somewhere beyond our borders. Beyond the provincial and the routine, we erroneously think the “experts from afar” possess magic. Possibly we experienced a chance and fleeting meeting. Found a brief moment of inspiration that’s unique only because the rest of my pose haven’t had this experience and by extension will have to listen to me as I pass along the magic learned. Erroneously believing expert status should now, by rights, transfer my way, so listen up cause I now know. We allow these “experts from afar” to supersede the real hero’s in our lives, maybe for the self-aggrandizing potential they offer. For the most part, the only thing the expert possess is the illusion of magic. Brought to you through our active imaginations.

There is real inspiration just waiting to be experienced. Inspiration from the everyday hero’s we don’t recognize or appropriately appreciate. Maybe because of accessibility, they’re approachable, we see and have regular contact with them. Consequently, we treat these hero’s as if they will always be there. Big mistake, huge mistake.

Don’t always count on it. Respect what you have today, honour anyone who has touched or inspired you with the simplicity of a sincere acknowledgement. Why do we hesitate, human nature? Are we that inconsiderate at our core, apprehensive of being vulnerable or miss-understood? Who knows, and furthermore who cares? If this is you, see it as a character flaw that needs work, start with a smile and a simple thank you.

How do you say thanks for the inspiration, for the laughter, for the thought provoking and the learning?

Guess you just do it ~ Think World Class

Thanks, Michelle.