What You Do Isn’t Who You Are

Brent BaldwinAnd conversely who you are, isn’t what you do. 

Who you are and what you do, requires separation. Indeed there are natural cross-over moments and reflective incidences where personality intersects with workplace competence and talent, where career and character are inseparable.

It is when work  defines our personality or our personal life defines our career that problems arise.

There is a problem, when one or the other becomes indelibly defined as the sole source of our personal existence.

Many of us confuse or choose to define who we are with what we do for a living. When we are particularly pleased with work, it can be intoxicating to our ego.

Although our business may be indelibly linked to our persona by others, based on the relationship that we share. It is imperative that we do not internalize and confuse our personal life and our career. 

We have sole custody of our work life as well as our personal life. Granted, each will influence the other, but it’s essential that a line is drawn separating one from the other. Particularly around matters of the heart or self-perception.

Take stock of who you are in both worlds and turn your back on manic pursuits that preclude you from living a balanced and emotionally open life. 

Don’t hide behind your career; be fearless, open and receptive to friends and family. Conversely, don’t let your personal life dominate and unnecessarily disrupt work. Be congruent with who you are in each arena and diligent in your efforts to be appropriately present.

Maintain a sense of separation between these two worlds. Do not waste a life centred disproportionately in one area or the other.

Honour the difference between work and play ~ Think World Class