What Would You Do If Offered a Second Chance?

Brent BaldwinThe answer: Take it!

The thing is we aren’t often offered a second chance, or at least not often enough. What we have to do is to make our second chances, to create an opportunity for ourselves to redo or start over if we aren’t satisfied with the result or the direction things are going.

Four ways to author a second chance.

1) First step is to commit to an attitude of fortitude. Be robust and bold. Embrace the reason you deserve this second chance. Be specific as to how you want it to look.

2) Gamble like there is nothing to lose. Put it all on the table and bet the house. Having this kind of commitment provides focus and motivation to achieve the result you know that you want.

3) Reframe the objections you are facing. Both in your mind and your arguments. Work from an empowering position and think it through with critical thinking. Create a shift in your mind and communicate that change convincingly.

4) Choose new partners with which to work. Find like-minded people and re-create. Be honorable and honest and operate with the expectation of receiving.

Why wait to be offered a second chance? You think you deserve it orchestrate a way to initiate it don’t wait for permission or an invitation.

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