“Think World Class” Chapter 7: No Better Place than Here ~ No Better Time than Now

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“While the middle-class sit on their butts anticipating the right time and place to act, the World Class acts decisively and quickly. The middle-class wait. Playing out scenarios that will never materialize and then maybe taking action. Or conversely, talking themselves out of the equation, rationalizing inactivity. The other favorite plan of the middle class is to wait, do nothing and hope beyond hope that the right and the perfect answer will magically materialize.

The middle class think “who wouldn’t want to have the answer laid before them without having to get in the game”. Imagine if all you had to do was show up, watch things unfold and not have to do anything more than assume the role of spectator or bystander. The irony of the path of least resistance or avoidance is that the middle-class inevitably short change themselves, giving up experience, learning opportunities, contacts, and self-respect. The World Class know that if you want something the best plan is to get up and get it yourself. They are always prepared to move into action, quickly and decisively. The inevitable outcome is that they learn more, make more contacts, have more life experiences to draw upon, and move purposefully toward their goal and vision of the future.”