“Think World Class” Chapter 58, Oh Well or What If

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“Regardless of how much planning or strategizing we do things happen that we would never be able to imagine in a hundred years of preparation; out of the blue. And there are those times that we allow these unexpected roadblocks to sideline us in ways that take us off track and make it hard to get back in the groove and continue the pursuit of our vision.
What we do and how we react speaks directly to our mind-set, whether we are thinking from a middle class perspective or we are in a World Class state of mind.

What if? This is the domain of the middle class. Re-living, over analyzing, and blaming others, are some of the by-products of a “what if ” frame of mind. Going on and on ad- nauseam debilitates the one re-telling the story and bores others to distraction.

Oh well. It happened as stuff does, having a World Class attitude means dropping our attachment to things and events that have not served us well. Letting go and being able to move forward, these are the traits of the World Class.

The choice is yours are you going to go through this one more time ~ what if? or are you prepared to let it go ~ oh well, it happened now let’s move on.”