“Think World Class” Chapter 13, Being Remarkable

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Being remarkable is not for only a privileged few, or a select group of individuals who are the chosen winners of some cosmic lottery that bestows unique gifts and talents. To think that this is the purview of only a few lucky individuals and remarkable talents are withheld from the rest of us through some cruel process of theistic anti-selection is unconscionable. It’s illogical to think that only some people have a gift and the rest of us are relegated to stand on the sidelines, marvel and gawk in jaw dropping awe, applauding like a trained seal. Saying that some have it and some don’t, is just erroneous thinking or at best an excuse for mediocrity.

Thankfully we don’t all have the same talents and skills to bring to the table. If that was the case life would be so very dull. Each of us has a unique ability and those unique gifts allow us to show up and be remarkable. We are all capable it is our divine right to express our talents and abilities, to show up ready, willing and able, with our skills out front for all to see.