“Think World Class” Chapter 12; Powerful Conversations vs. Impotent Communication

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One takes fortitude and commitment the other cowardice. Guess which one is which. World Class Thinkers know that powerful conversations are the entree to learning, compassion, understanding and seeing. They’re everywhere; they’re everywhere. All you need to do is to commit and most importantly be prepared to initiate the dialog ~ cause waiting for the other guy can be a long, cold, lonely wait. Who has time for that? Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that every conversation is going to be earth shattering. But every once in a while something happens that will just blow you away or maybe leave you with a lasting and unforgettable moment. The next conversation you have could be the beginning of a new relationship or an introduction that could change your life.

Impotent conversations contain some of the best unexpressed ideas or solutions the world has never known. They are typically conversations that have never taken place because they never had a chance. Conversations where you stare at each other’s shoes and maybe grunt some unintelligible greeting, or you reach for that lame old standby “how are you” or “nice day” and leave it at that. A conversation will never go anywhere if it is left at that. And in the end you miss an opportunity or inspiration that may ignite something within you. Your loss!

?World Class conversationalists have a plan. They are always prepared to initiate a conversation with genuine interest. Employing open-ended, questions that typically get a response that is more than yes or no. Take a sincere interest in what the person is doing, does or knows, listen with intention be an active listener. Pose a question, make an observation or ask for clarification but then be prepared to listen with sincerity and genuine interest. Let them expand and express themselves without interruption. Too often we want to jump right in, finish sentences or offer our personal insight at the expense of building trust and demonstrating interest. Talk about them and don’t get all hung up on quid pro quo. Be prepared to offer a fresh perspective through a different set of eyes; your eyes.

There are no bad questions only impotent ones, questions that never have a chance of going anywhere, or worse yet inquiries that haven’t been asked because, we didn’t want to bother them? Start the conversation, prepare and open your mouth. Don’t be intimidated. Be proactive. It is only through practice and time that you will build this skill; just like you would a muscle in your arm, built and exercised through repetition and commitment.

Being an engaging conversationalist is a life skill that will serve you for the rest of your days and truly mark you as one of the World Class.

Great conversationalists are also great listeners ~ Think World Class