Somebody: Call The Nobel Selection Committee

This just in……. turns out that there are three answers to everything. I mean every possible question in the universe, without exception. I am talking about questions from the past that have been asked and never answered, questions currently being posed, and questions that have yet to present themselves to the world. Three simple easy to remember answers that will allow us to move from where we are to new horizons, without any further delay. Imagine the ground we are going to cover once these answers are adopted universally.

This all started when I asked myself “why are so many things complex?” and why is it every time something new is stated it is always premised with “surprising new findings” even when the subject is as mundane and dull as ear wax.

OK, so without further ado (you better sit down for this) here they are:

Answer Number 1,

          This particular answer is universally applied to questions of a scientific or metaphysical nature

                                                          yes !!!!!!!

Answer Number 2,

          This answer is a little more difficult for most of us to apply to our everyday lives and it has been the plight of mankind since the beginning of time.



                    NO!!!! (how true is that).


Answer Number 3,

          Answer number 3 is all about opening ourselves up to new and exciting possibilities it is the gateway to acceptance of things yet to come.


Yes but not like anything you have ever imagined before!

So, there you have it.

 My phone is still not ringing people, I am packed and waiting for my invitation to Stockholm.     

Keep your imagination alive ~ Think World Class