Screw Passion

Brent BaldwinLeave passion for the bedroom where it belongs. “Passion” has become one of those overused and misused words that has slipped into our vernacular and stuck.

What are you passionate about? Find your passion! Pursue passion. Be passionate. The list goes on and on. Over time it’s enough to make one’s stomach tumble and turn.

It feels that if your career is anything less than a “four-alarm passion-fest” it’s unworthy of your effort, and it’s time to move to something that will set your passion on fire.

On behalf of your future, and everyone that depends on you, please take a moment and re-think this strategy before blindly jumping in.

“Pity the poor fool who is merely committed to showing up honorably and doing their best work.”


There is no-one more guilty of this than me. I’ve overused the word; I’ve spoken about it publicly, incorporated passion into my seminars, written blogs about it, and it has shown up in my books on occasion. It’s true I am guilty of being bitten by the passion plague as much as anyone out there.

Screw Passion

Instead of being passionate, acknowledge and recognize the things and activities where you are naturally good. Where do your talents lie? Don’t be modest, you have skills, and it’s time to celebrate whatever they are. The big and the small; undoubtedly some of these you likely take for granted so drill down and look closely.

There is a lot of self-satisfaction in knowing who you are and your capabilities. Concentrate and take pride in the things that work for you. Working and committing to the skills and or natural talents you have enhances your chances of success.

Whose with me?

No need to sign up for anything, no club to join, or dues to pay, we don’t have a jersey or logo, all you need is a bit of will power and a personal commitment to be a little more thoughtful with your words.

Time to put the word “passion” out to pasture ~ Think World Class

The Great Myth “Original Thought”

Brent BaldwinOur thoughts are the distillation and personal interpretation of influences in our lives. Moments of time defined, unique experiences, things we have watched, heard or read that have captured our attention, it could be the emotional impact of human interactions or processes that we believe or have faith in; these are the things from which our thoughts emanate.

Is there such a thing as an “original thought”?

Or is it more likely the transformation of existing ideas, the interpretation of a premise or piece of knowledge, applied in a different manner or to a different set of circumstances, but none the less not entirely original.

An original thought would probably be of little or no interest to most of us. We likely wouldn’t have any terms of reference from which to understand it. For us to find acceptance, we tend to rely on experiences and references that we know, understand and can associate with; a past occurrence, present moments or future expectations.

We are made to creatively combine and copy,

And then implement and even take ownership as if it was an original thought. But the reality is “not likely” all that original. At best, a new idea or application may not be widely known or accepted, and therefore it has the impression of being original. Maybe original thought should be defined as being original to me; by the way, there is a word for that ~ learning.

“We should always strive to discover new things, ideas, and thoughts; keeping our mind open to possibilities and never before experienced moments.”

The World Class knows that creativity is the key to understanding, positioning and market advantages. Original thought in its purest terms may be a myth, but the creative application of existing ideas and premises can be the catalyst to standing head and shoulders above the crowd.

Look for opportunities; be reckless in applying current ideas to alternative and new applications. What have you got to lose? You may just solve a bigger problem or create a better mouse trap. Go for it!

Creativity inspires ~ Think World Class

Understand WHY Before HOW

When tackling something new, start by separating WHY from HOW. It is Brent Baldwinessential that you answer these two foundational questions in the right order. Knowing WHY before considering any of the HOW could be the difference between success and something that’s just an interesting idea.

Both need exhaustive understanding and contemplation.

Sure we always have an inkling as to WHY. But sustaining your pursuit through trials and tribulations, an inkling is never enough. Your understanding of WHY needs to come from the depths of your knowledge.

Moving to HOW is often where the fun begins, and when inspired we can’t get to HOW fast enough. Too willing to skip steps and move directly to go, without understanding exactly WHY is the beginning of the end.

“HOW” is where“WHY” meets action.

WHY is where all fantastic, new, and innovative ideas converge with the steps of HOW.

WHY is the emotional stuff.

It’s the stuff that ignites the fire in your gut and puts your butt in gear. Understanding WHY makes your juices flow and excites your senses. WHY can fuel your pursuit and prepare you to engage and inspire others.

Understanding and separating these two critical components can make the difference between success and mediocrity. The difference between middle-class thinking and World Class Thinking.

Ask yourself tough questions

Be persistent in your pursuit of WHY start with the obvious and drill down again and again. Step beyond your current beliefs and see this from all angles. Too often we get in a rut and find our wheels spinning on the same track without venturing down new unknown roads and trails.

Why are you doing this? Why will it matter to others? Why should anyone care? Why would people feel compelled to participate?

You would be surprised how many people have what they believe to be an earth shattering idea that’s right up there with the invention of the zipper. And because they don’t understand WHY it fizzles and ends up on the dust bin of clever things that could have been.

Nothing ever gets accomplished without emotionally charged motivation. A great WHY is a gateway to inspiration.

The HOW is the critical thinking component of execution. The place where the rubber hits the road. The action steps laid out in a logical and linear way.

Understand WHY before HOW ~ Think World Class