Don’t Know Why I Know ~ Just Do

Brent BaldwinNot all decisions that we make are the result of analytical thought or reasoning. Many of our everyday decisions are intuitive. It doesn’t matter what you call it; a hunch, impulse or a creative idea; sometimes you just don’t know why you know ~ you just do. This is intuition.

To the best of my knowledge intuition remains this ever-present mystery. A mystery that is beyond being quantified, qualified, defined, consistently trusted or understood.

Every one of us has intuition, and we rely on it with surprising regularity.

Apparently, intuition resonates with the creative feeling side of our thoughts and actions, while analytical understanding remains the foundation of reason and justification. Does empirical evidence trump a gut feeling? Is intuition just being lazy or is it an innate early warning system that has evolved within us? Are intuitive people better listeners, or are they more observant?

How do we become more intuitive or maybe the question should be, do we want to be more intuitive? Is being analytical more desirable or enviable as a personality trait? Do the analytics have an advantage?

Bottom line, it is not an either-or situation we need both the intuitive and the analytical; it would be foolish to choose one or the other exclusively. That would be like choosing idealism over realism both are essential to our existence and more often than not both are influenced by each other.

What I know for sure is that intuition is not to be ignored, listen to your belly button and heed your intuition. Don’t mistrust intuition, just the opposite. But always weigh it with a good measure of both feelings and reason.

When you know; you know ~ Think World Class


Brent BaldwinFor a leader stuck in the tried and true, renegade’s can be hard to handle and unnecessarily disruptive.

Brings to mind the ole metaphor, “They’re like herding cats” except these cats seem to be confrontational and constantly at the ready with an unnecessary WHY? In any hierarchal organization, you often hear them referred to as ~ a pain in the ass.

It becomes annoying when the renegade’s challenge is about a job that has always been part of an established practice or routine. Especially, when all that was previously required, to get this done, was nothing more than a direct request to do it.

The renegade can make the simplest routine seem like it’s re-invented and now requires rationalization and explanation. It’s enough to make you want to scream a Nike slogan “JUST DO IT!”

Why not just get on with it?

The real question should be, is there a better way? The thing about routines, is they get stale. Anything done by rote has the potential to be done without much thought. The only value in most of these routines is the expectation of completion within a known timeline.

Doesn’t mean it’s right or best.

Why should we do the things we have always done. The only advantage may be that they offer a predictable result, completed within a known amount of time?

Better or best is out of the equation.

Leaders Lead

Part of the responsibility of being a leader is leading everyone, not just the compliant and malleable. Unless you, as a leader, feel threatened by open conversation, and interpret anyone asking WHY as an insubordinate and a direct threat to your authority. If that’s you, then I suggest you aren’t much of a leader but rather someone who directs shit as it rolls down hill.

Great leaders allow others to explore alternatives within agreed parameters. Like anything else, exploring or stepping into the unknown requires agreement and understanding of the outer limits.  Looking at alternatives to existing routines requires some latitude, more than a bit of patience, and a decent dollop of awareness. 

Strangely enough, some renegades are not welcoming of other renegades within their fold. Maybe they feel threatened that they will lose their unique “pain in the ass” status.

The good organization allows the renegade latitude and real leaders let all members of the team exercise their inner rebel.

There are great ideas within your organization, ideas that are just waiting to be brought out into the light of day to make the ordinary extraordinary or the mundane exciting.

Let’s not be foolish; not all ideas are going to be home runs. All it takes is a couple of innovative changes to make the disruption of those ideas that didn’t work worthwhile.

Let others express their inner renegade ~ Think World Class

Screw Passion

Brent BaldwinLeave passion for the bedroom where it belongs. “Passion” has become one of those overused and misused words that has slipped into our vernacular and stuck.

What are you passionate about? Find your passion! Pursue passion. Be passionate. The list goes on and on. Over time it’s enough to make one’s stomach tumble and turn.

It feels that if your career is anything less than a “four-alarm passion-fest” it’s unworthy of your effort, and it’s time to move to something that will set your passion on fire.

On behalf of your future, and everyone that depends on you, please take a moment and re-think this strategy before blindly jumping in.

“Pity the poor fool who is merely committed to showing up honorably and doing their best work.”


There is no-one more guilty of this than me. I’ve overused the word; I’ve spoken about it publicly, incorporated passion into my seminars, written blogs about it, and it has shown up in my books on occasion. It’s true I am guilty of being bitten by the passion plague as much as anyone out there.

Screw Passion

Instead of being passionate, acknowledge and recognize the things and activities where you are naturally good. Where do your talents lie? Don’t be modest, you have skills, and it’s time to celebrate whatever they are. The big and the small; undoubtedly some of these you likely take for granted so drill down and look closely.

There is a lot of self-satisfaction in knowing who you are and your capabilities. Concentrate and take pride in the things that work for you. Working and committing to the skills and or natural talents you have enhances your chances of success.

Whose with me?

No need to sign up for anything, no club to join, or dues to pay, we don’t have a jersey or logo, all you need is a bit of will power and a personal commitment to be a little more thoughtful with your words.

Time to put the word “passion” out to pasture ~ Think World Class