Seek Silence

Brent BaldwinShutting down the din, the noise, and the dissonance seems to be more and more difficult. Indeed life has become very noisy.  

Finding a rare moment of quiet is typically elusive for most of us as we marathon through our day, trying to keep pace with the pack.


Just outside our window noise pollution permeates the world with the drone of traffic, a sirens wail, or the rumble of a bus, truck, or train. All adding to the cacophony. Inside there is a constant hum that punctuates our every move, phones ringing, far off voices, HVAC systems.

The sound of stress is in the air.

It is so much a part of our life that in the main we don’t consciously hear it. Subliminal noises play like the score to a bad movie; punctuating every moment, building note by note, yet shut out and inaudible.

Regardless of our consciousness, the sounds of daily life impact our focus and our effectiveness. We can’t stop it, but we can orchestrate a strategy to find and embrace silence on our terms.

Silence is always available

But not always accessible. Practicing silence like any other discipline requires practice and mindfulness. It is like any muscle in your body, left to its devices, without regular use and systematic exercise will atrophy

Self-orchestrate intentional moments of silence.

Moments set aside with purpose and experienced, breath by breath.

Silence has incredible restorative powers. It is a prelude to peace and often the gateway to elusive answers and understanding.

Your only investment is time. The ability to experience and the power of silence indwell in each of us. It’s not magical or available only to a select few; the only requirement is your intention.

Schedule a bit of silence today ~ Think World Class


True Courage

Brent BaldwinCourage is an interesting word. Publicly, reserved for those who have committed an extraordinary act in the face of adversity.

Once validated, bandied about without reservation. We lavish the word upon the few we believe have demonstrated courage, or performed an act beyond what we are personally capable.

Ironically the most courageous in our mists would rather not be labeled as courageous. They feel more comfortable being unacknowledged for their acts.

Modesty is often a hallmark of real courage.

How do we identify courage?

Socially we look for the selfless amongst us, who step into the fray, and without prompting commit a great unselfish act for the benefit of others. The little guy who triumphs. A hero, who with tenacity, conquers the undefeated. Those who risk life and limb and prevail with nothing more than a sense of justice on their side. And of course, the real courage of those who daily fight illness, armed only with attitude and sheer will. True courage has many faces.

The common denominator for most of us is that we typically praise the acts and actions of others. We so easily see in others, great traits. We may see a shadow of the person we aspire to be, and wish we had the same fortitude and courage, but deep down, are not sure if we do.

You Are True Courage

There are thousands of acts of courage that happen every day. We acknowledge the courage of others, the praised and the deserved, as well as the meek and unassuming who’ve done the right thing at the right time.

The true courage we need to celebrate and give recognition to is the courage that indwells within us. We all have it, we all demonstrate it, and we are all capable of acts of true courage. Often without much more than a moments notice and nothing more than a willingness to do the right thing. You have true courage coursing through your veins.

Don’t be so Modest

True courage, isn’t written in the stars. True courage, isn’t something that happens to others or makes headlines. True courage, happens whenever you confront your fears. Private moments where you stare down the thing that you fear the most.

We don’t always prevail, but our courage lies in the commitment to try, to show up strong, to strike against our past with a commitment to a better future. True courage lies in the tenacity we find within when we dig deep into our heart and muster the strength to confront our demons and fears.

True courage happens when we say “I am not going to take it anymore.” When we choose not to accept the debilitating power and limitations our fears have imposed on us. When we no longer give credit to the thing we fear the most and choose to take control rather than being controlled.

You are courageous my friend ~ Think World Class

Putting People Together

Brent BaldwinWhatever we do, wherever we go, we are going to be around other people. I know people who, given a choice, would rather not have anything to do with other folks, sad as that may be.

World Class performers are masters of networking. They can make people feel warm and welcome by being in their presence with just a few well-chosen words. Facilitating social intercourse is a learned talent and not one that happens without a lot of commitment and real effort.  Networking builds relationships; relationships build trust and trust builds a life/career.

With Who?

I would recommend you start with everyone you meet. As you get to know people, concentrate on the folks who appear to be naturally confident. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of people with negative attitudes.

Natural Attraction

Through a process that I like to call natural attraction, concentrate on people, you can introduce to each other. What value can someone you know, offer to another acquaintance that you have?

Do these introductions every chance you get. Think about who you know that can help someone that you have just met or maybe someone who has been a longtime friend, ally or associate.


I recommend doing it with reckless abandon, willingly, freely and unconditionally. Be a facilitator. Do it for the love of helping someone create value not for your financial gain but for the sake of building great relationships.

Build more trust, build better relationships ~ Think World Class