Living Fast

At an elementary level, we have a need for speed — a need for the exhilaratin that accompanies manic like activity. We tell tales of moments of focus and momentum, where we have prevailed. It can be addictive, and self-defining when the forward action is focused on work or in our careers.

Fundamentally, we think that working at a break-neck pace will define us as some sort of “superhuman.” Erroneously, we hope others acknowledge and identify who we are, what we do, and our unique talents, as remarkable when we work flat-out.

Quite frankly, most of the time, others don’t notice or if they do, really don’t give a damn. Go ahead be a martyr.

MAN; look at me go!

The feeling that what we are doing not only needs to be done urgently and with due haste, “fast” has some misplaced purpose in our rationalized minds. Not only am I quick, but no-one else can do it as good as me. (Second popular fallacy.)

Timelines and deadlines.

The need for speed is the result of someone ignoring a deadline, misappropriating the work, or an unrealistic timeline based on a lack of experience. It may not be YOU; it could be the person delegating.

The downside, speed is sloppy.

If it is an issue of delegating determine who is going to take the heat if the wheels fall off the wagon. If it’s you, stand-up and protect your reputation.

The reputation you think you are building may be the exact opposite of what you’re receiving. Fast comes with an increased probability for mistakes, often requiring compromises and time burning do-overs.

Quality Takes Time

Do we believe that a job done with high speed is better than a thoughtful act? Of course not. We have all been brought up with the saying that anything worth doing is worth doing right. And “right” needs time.

Slow down, do the work, and do it remarkably well.

Love ~ On The Rocks, or With A Twist

Here’s a hard reality. If your love life is not fulfilling for you, then it’s likely not doing it for your partner. Why would it? If you’re unhappy dollars to donuts, your partner is just as miserable and unsatisfied. Because no-one’s talking, doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

Relationships on the rocks start easing down a slippery slope, before you know it, the momentum increases to something akin to a runaway locomotive. The relationship heads toward the ash heap of dysfunctional family life, separation, divorce, resentment and anger. And lawyers fees, did I mention lawyers fees?

Want it fixed?

Great first question, because sometimes we don’t want to change a thing. In some weird way, we are all capable of existing with things that make us uncomfortable. It seems easier than changing.

Assuming you have no interest in living with pain doubt and frustration. First and foremost resolve to do something about it. Start by dealing with the only thing you can, and that’s YOU.

The problem is always the same; you’re in the way. Your beliefs habits and perceptions have to be shaken up, your perspective reframed and re-evaluated.

Get clear. Do you want a better relationship, more fulfillment, igniting and rekindling the excitement and passion of new love? Or do you want to find and attract the perfect partner?

Then do something about it.

Doing something about it ALWAYS starts with you. The situation is not about someone else’s bad habits, inattention, or lack of commitment. Nor is love a game of quid pro quo, where you show me that you love me and then, I’ll love you back.

When it comes to declining relationships, it’s not that the other person has changed or the relationship has become complicated. It’s that you have not been focusing on keeping your love sharp, you’ve lost sight of what you want what you are capable of giving or maybe more debilitating, your beliefs and self-worth have hit a new low.

Love is simple. It starts with self-love.

That perfect someone is never going to darken your door until you are madly in love with YOU! Just the way you are.

After all, you’re pretty incredible.

Think World Class.

Five Steps to Adding More GRIT in Your Life

Brent BaldwinWhen it comes to getting the things we want in life, it’s easy to say; “I need to be more focused, I need to be bolder, to have more determination and to be more persistent.”

We know things need to be different from what they have been in the past but moving forward is not always easy.

Reduced to a single word we need to have more GRIT when it comes to pursuing our goals and dreams. Being bold has never been for the unsure, the weak, or those easily swayed by others.

“More GRIT not only starts essential momentum, but it also adds power to your intentions.”

So how do we pursue this thing called GRIT?

Five Steps to Adding More GRIT in your life

1) Not being swayed from your objective. What do you want? Add clarity, give your vision a pulse and make it real. Live with it, sleep with it and then go after it with focus and determination, go after it with GRIT.

2) What do you have to change? Identify the hurdles, the curves in the road and the stumbling blocks that have sidelined you in the past. Is it peer pressure, or is it innate fear that leaves you standing on the side of the road with your feet in your shoes? Think about it and prepare so when doubts, obstacles, and bad habits show up, you can put them aside and move forward with GRIT.

3) Have a plan. Be fluid, flow with the tides of change and keep your goals clear but be willing to be flexible on how you’re going to get across the goal line. Don’t be so focused on the small steps that you are unable to adapt and find another road to the object of your desire. GRIT requires unexpected creativity.

4) Create a compelling reason why. Why do I want to do this? Ask yourself, what is my level of dissatisfaction with the way things are currently. The bigger the why, the more GRIT you will have in your corner.

5) Prepare to pay the price. Everything in life has a cost. What will this cost me financially, socially, physically, intellectually, and emotionally? Drill down, be holistic in your understanding of your actions and the consequences of who I am and what I want. Once you understand and accept the impact, the more natural it is to move forward with GRIT.

Most importantly move beyond the words into formidable action.

Words are the most straightforward piece of the puzzle. But the words alone will not give you the determination and GRIT you need to make it happen.

Intentional action is where the rubber hits the road and where sustainable success becomes the result. It is where GRIT becomes a forward force. Choose to Think World Class and use these five steps to put yourself in the right lane.

So tell me; could you use more GRIT in your life?

For a limited time, I am offering a free coaching session to a select few individuals. Should you be interested, drop me a line in care of and let’s set up something that’s mutually convenient. I am looking forward to talking to you soon.

Brent Baldwin

Think World Class ~ Live Larger and Breathe Easier