Decision Fatigue ~ You Decide, I’m Tired

From the moment we get out of bed in the morning until the last thing at night our life is made up of a series of decisions. Every question we are asked or decision that we seek within ourselves demands an answer or some form of consideration. Even deciding not to make a decision is a decision. It is no wonder that for most of us by the end of the day, we are in a state of “decision fatigue”.

The morning hours are typically the best time for most of us to make decisions because we are generally well rested and have not hit the decision fatigue wall. As the day progresses and we get tired we tend to make decisions based on short-cuts or the path of least resistance, the quality of our decisions deteriorates the more fatigued we become. Earlier in the day we are more prone to base our decisions on considered and informed opinion and give more time to the process of weighing facts or looking for viable alternatives.

Clearly some decisions are far more important than others, regardless the sheer volume of decisions that we make day in and day out is enough to make a mind weary.

So what can we do when decision fatigue hits? I don’t think that there is a “magic bullet” accept to say, awareness can provide a bit of an advantage. Sometimes the only viable strategy or way of avoiding a poor decision is to postpone the answer.  Postponing and not avoiding is important, particularly if the decision is going to be life altering or irreversible. Then again, when it comes to decisions sometimes close enough is good enough and even a bad decision can be forgiven (thank god, cause you know we have all made them).

Decide to Think World Class

Then Things Got Complicated

Growing up I had one number; my phone number, no area code, it was just seven simple digits. There were five of us in the family and we all shared the same number. As a kid the only password I knew was “open-says-a-me” that was it, no other passwords, no barcodes, PIN numbers ~ life was so simple and we didn’t have a clue.

Today, I have home, cell, office, fax, toll free, I have Skype password and security codes; man, do I have security codes. I have a door code, garage code half a dozen credit card PIN numbers; I have codes to get into my computer and passwords for ThinkWorldClass, facebook, twitter, linked-in, You Tube plus more website passwords than I can remember. I have ATM codes, online banking codes, and a different number for my debit card, I have codes to shop and codes to retrieve messages I really don’t want to hear. I have cards to swipe numbers and letters to remember that make absolutely no sense, I have codes to scan and one ~ just one retina scan.

I have so many numbers that I put them all together in a password protected file. I am just not sure what the password is.

There is a reason that the most popular password is “password” of if a numerical sequence is required the most popular choice I, 2, 3, 4, 5 in ascending order or, to be really tricky 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

This is a true story; I was at the ATM machine on a Saturday night. Half a dozen tries and I keep getting the same message “PIN number invalid”. I was convinced that my account had been compromised; someone had stolen my identity and changed my password. I went home paranoid and penniless. I was about half way home when I realized, I had been using my office door code at the ATM. I think from now on I am going to make all my passwords “open-says-a-me”.

Keep smiling ~ Think World Class

Doing a “Felix” The Ultimate Leap

Can you imagine doing something ~ anything; so big and outlandish that your name has the potential of going down in modern lexicon as a verb.  How would it feel to be at the center of an accomplishment that instantly becomes a metaphor for achievement an achievement that is beyond anything previously imaginable?

I suspect this is going to be the fate of Felix Baumgartner, Austrian skydiver and daredevil who literally stood on the edge of the stratosphere and jumped into the great unknown. It really is mind boggling to imagine jumping into space 24 miles above the earth and falling at a speed greater than the speed of sound,  prepared to endure the physical force of 2.5 g’s (that’s 2.5 times the force of gravity) WOW!

Obviously this event took great planning and preparation by a team of World Class experts. A team that included some of the smartest and greatest minds in the world who came together to mitigate the risks, calculate the probabilities, develop viable solutions and diminish the odds of disaster or loss of life. Clearly, all of this could not have happened without the significant financial sponsorship of Red Bull. The fact remains that after all the planning was done and it came to take that step into the great unknown, there was only one pair of shoes on the door step of the capsule. Felix stood there alone, steadfast and committed, then, he jumped.

Ask yourself what is holding you back from doing a “Felix”, holding you back from taking that giant leap forward toward the goals that you have yet to pursue.

Take a “Felix” size leap toward your dreams ~ Think World Class