“At peace with my past present and future”

A friend of mine is dying.

Ross’ last e-mail said “I am at peace with my past, my present and my future”. Simple words yet so profound, those who know him would expect nothing less. Our last conversation he talked about how surreal it all seemed. He spoke with a stoic resolve and acceptance; his voice had a timbre that exuded strength even though his physical body is in a state of crisis.

He talked about the small things that hold his heart and lift his spirits.

He spoke of the love of his wife and the boys. He talked about the generosity of friends, at all times he spoke with clarity and in a way that had a self-assured quietness. Our conversation was calming in a way that I have rarely experienced. Yes indeed, it is so surreal.  

Ross is an intellectual giant whose quiet resolve and humility is only over shadowed by his natural curiosity.  

“At peace with my past, present and future”

God Speed my friend,

New Beginnings

It may be just another day, marked by the ticking of a clock as the time changes to twelve o’clock midnight. It happens 365 days a year. Yet there is no other second, hour, day or month change that is more celebrated around the world than that moment when December 31st becomes January 1st. It is the only event in the world that truly unifies us as a human race, without differences, without conflict and without regard for politics, religion, boarders or discrimination. Time supersedes the vanities of our perception of being special or superior to any other person race or religion if only for a brief moment while the bell peels midnight December 31st.

There is no other time in the entire year that is filled with more personal introspection, resolution and reflection than the New Year. It truly is a time of hope and promise, of new beginnings and respect for the past.

Regardless of whether you set new goals, or amend old ones to reflect where you are today or consciously decide not to make any resolutions or set new goals, this new beginning is still filled with a primal sense of hope or anticipation of what is to come for ourselves and those that we love.

The trials, tribulations and losses that you have faced this past year or the mountains that you have yet to climb this coming year for a moment disappear as we catch our breath and feel peace and hope.   

May I join with you as we join the rest of the world and collectively usher the new beginning we call 2012.

Happy New Year ~