Being Progressive

New media outlets and communication sources seem to pop-up almost daily. Granted most of these are not only new but amazingly innovative as well, which in and of itself is pretty amazing. While new and innovative media sources appear on the scene with increased frequency the points of view being expressed seem to become very singular in their attempt to position for the attention of a specific demographic or to support a dogmatic proposition. All of them seem to have an exclusive mandate as they ravenously compete for a piece of our mind with their myopic message. Little room is left for alternative views. And debate (if at all) becomes argumentative, relying exclusively on volume to win the day while logic is unceremoniously tossed out the window or vehemently dismissed.

We seem to have found a fondness for elitism and watch approvingly as the select few in control promote their own interest and use their available access to leverage and spin for the singular purpose of attaining greater wealth and influence. As a social consequence of over exposure to a repeated message we have morphed into an acceptance of these grand illusions (political, social or corporate) looking for a one dimensional answers to satisfy social ills or answer the big looming questions.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting a socialist agenda here. My thoughts are neither left nor right, pro wealth nor am I advocating on behalf of the poverty class.  What I am advocating is that each of us takes responsibility to be progressive in our thinking and look at things critically. Collectively we need to open up the debate, with an honest and respectful dialogue. Our collective intelligence is powerful beyond measure and if we harness its ability and respectfully seek answers to the right questions then our society, community or families will become progressive while actionable solutions present themselves.  

World Class thinking is progressive thinking ~ Think World Class

Somebody: Call The Nobel Selection Committee

This just in……. turns out that there are three answers to everything. I mean every possible question in the universe, without exception. I am talking about questions from the past that have been asked and never answered, questions currently being posed, and questions that have yet to present themselves to the world. Three simple easy to remember answers that will allow us to move from where we are to new horizons, without any further delay. Imagine the ground we are going to cover once these answers are adopted universally.

This all started when I asked myself “why are so many things complex?” and why is it every time something new is stated it is always premised with “surprising new findings” even when the subject is as mundane and dull as ear wax.

OK, so without further ado (you better sit down for this) here they are:

Answer Number 1,

          This particular answer is universally applied to questions of a scientific or metaphysical nature

                                                          yes !!!!!!!

Answer Number 2,

          This answer is a little more difficult for most of us to apply to our everyday lives and it has been the plight of mankind since the beginning of time.



                    NO!!!! (how true is that).


Answer Number 3,

          Answer number 3 is all about opening ourselves up to new and exciting possibilities it is the gateway to acceptance of things yet to come.


Yes but not like anything you have ever imagined before!

So, there you have it.

 My phone is still not ringing people, I am packed and waiting for my invitation to Stockholm.     

Keep your imagination alive ~ Think World Class

“At peace with my past present and future”

A friend of mine is dying.

Ross’ last e-mail said “I am at peace with my past, my present and my future”. Simple words yet so profound, those who know him would expect nothing less. Our last conversation he talked about how surreal it all seemed. He spoke with a stoic resolve and acceptance; his voice had a timbre that exuded strength even though his physical body is in a state of crisis.

He talked about the small things that hold his heart and lift his spirits.

He spoke of the love of his wife and the boys. He talked about the generosity of friends, at all times he spoke with clarity and in a way that had a self-assured quietness. Our conversation was calming in a way that I have rarely experienced. Yes indeed, it is so surreal.  

Ross is an intellectual giant whose quiet resolve and humility is only over shadowed by his natural curiosity.  

“At peace with my past, present and future”

God Speed my friend,