50 Years Ago Today Martin Luther King Jr. Inspired a Nation

“I HAVE A DREAM” Four simple words delivered with passion and heart; four words that impacted a nation; delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on a summer day in August 1963. The simplicity of these words articulated a sentiment that could not be misunderstood in that moment in time. The power of these four words was in their simplicity; yet these simple words spoke directly to all of us in a way that will never be forgotten.

There is still a lot of work to be done, I am sure that if Martin Luther King could see the progress that has been made he would have expected more over the past 50 years.

This is a generational issue and its evolution is going to take one or maybe two more generations before we see the dream fulfilled. It will happen but the will has to be innate and not conjured up by design. If forethought is required we are not there yet we need compassion and empathy in our lives.

We are the authors of the compassion that we choose to express; most importantly we are the ones who will pass this loving trait to the next generation and the generation that will follow them. It is our responsibility and obligation to see this dream fulfilled, this is the work we all must do individually and collectively, in communities, churches and schools, in the places where we work, live and play. Compassion is as essential as breathing.

Most of us are not going to change the world but it is well within our grasp to change our world and be a leader to those who we have the power to influence. From that ripple real sustainable change will come and a nation will find its dream fulfilled.

Martin Luther King Jr. dream is possible, the only thing that can get in the way are our limiting beliefs.

“Dum vivmus, vivamus”

Let us live while we live ~ Think World Class


I Love Meetings

There I said it. I am one of those people who like getting together with other people to work on a mutual problem. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike going to meetings where there is little or no dialogue or worse yet, obligatory meetings that are scheduled where the only purpose appears to be the meeting itself, no agenda, no real purpose except for the fact it is Tuesday and we always get together on Tuesday. Meeting for the sake of meeting has to be the biggest time waster in the corporate world, regardless if the meetings are internal or heaven forbid with external customers and vendors. The irrelevant meeting mistake is made right across the board in companies large and small. It is more prevalent in large companies because of the number of people involved but it is still a real time waster in small companies/volunteer boards/ non-profits and in smaller organizations where irrelevant meetings have a much larger financial impact to the bottom line on a percentage basis.

I love meetings that include a small numbers of invested participants, meeting with a specific agenda, all of a sudden ideas start bouncing off the walls, that’s the kind of meeting that gets me excited; I literally feed off that kind of energy.

Draw a line in the sand and say NO to the irrelevant meeting. When a meeting is called to plan, strategize or introduce something new, then get excited, participate, use the agenda to prepare informed questions and develop results oriented solutions. You may or may not express them in the meeting, but you owe it to yourself to be as prepared as you can be, show up ready to participate with your unique perspective, that’s the price of admission (your obligation).

Show up prepared ~ Think World Class


Reckless Moments

It is the reckless moments in our lives that we remember the most; those times where we throw caution to the wind and decide to take a chance or maybe you found yourself in a precarious situation and prevailed, maybe it is a moment where you spoke out of turn and became the challenger rather than the victim.

Think of a time in your life when your adrenaline surged and your heart raced, remember the apprehension and doubt that sped through your mind and how you refused to succumb to that old internal dialogue. There is always a defining moment when push comes to shove and you know there is no alternative but to rise to the occasion, something has to be done, right now. It is in that single moment of decision, that moment where we leave our inhibitions and fears at the front door and step up to the plate, it is in that moment that we become alive again.

Have you ever noticed that when you think back and recall that time, the details never really fade, things are remembered in slow motion or maybe it is in the most vibrant colours. We can recall the moment and feel the fire once again just by re-telling the story.

Most of the time these moments are all but forgotten.  Take a moment right now close your eyes and recall in your mind’s eye a  reckless moment and how what you once believed was beyond your ability, became a defining memory, how you found that indeed, you have the capability and fortitude necessary to prevail and excel.

This power moment is available at any time, recall the reckless moments and feel the empowering feelings that are yours and yours alone.

Take chances ~ Think World Class