Outsourcing Your Mentors

Brent BaldwinI was thinking about mentors in my life, people of influence who can offer me sound advice and direction. Many of the people who I would consider as possible mentors would gladly give their time and provide answers to my questions.

Face to face mentorship is invaluable on so many levels. But quite frankly there wouldn’t be the depth of analysis that a Warren Buffet could offer or the diplomacy of a Nelson Mandela, I don’t know anyone who would be able to advise me on communicating with a crowd like Bill Gove or Bob Proctor.

So I started to think; enough has been written about and by these great people, why don’t I just outsource my mentorship.

There are lots of outsourcing opportunities, in just about every field imaginable. For tasks from the most complicated, challenging and inspiring to the simplest, the most repetitive and the mundane.

It has got to the point that if you can define a specific task, you can find someone to mentor you. Often for just a fraction of what your billable rate would be. Based on that who wouldn’t be open and receptive to the economies of scale offered by outsourcing. As long as you can define the problem and define the right question it can happen.

But how would you outsource an icon, a world leader, a World Class Thinker?

Extrapolate from the best of the best; listen to interviews, read biographies, magazine articles, watch archived news footage, Youtube and then pick your mentors. Study them with awe. Translate their answers to your situation, open yourself to new alternatives, and be influenced and inspired by the directions they chose, and the trials and tribulations they overcame.

We live in an age where all this and more is readily available for next to nothing. We would be foolish not to exploit the opportunity to our advantage.

Choose your mentors well and choose your questions thoughtfully.

World Class Thinking means Thinking World Class.