Limitation or Convenient Excuse

Brent BaldwinDon’t let your limitations define who you are.

The older that I get, the more aches and pains I notice. It becomes too easy to be defined by my bad back, weak knees, or frozen shoulder.

There is a line in a Leonard Cohn song that says:
“I ache in the places that I used to play.”
unfortunately, this line resonates in my life; some days more than others.

When you decide to define who you are by what you can’t do,

At that point, you have decided to stop living and have relegated your participation to the fine art of watching others live life fully (thank god for television). Surreptitiously watching, silently lamenting yet fully resigned never to try. Leaning oh so heavily on the crutch of limitation. I am my limitation. How dare you ask me to give it up. Be forewarned the decline only accelerates from here; brace yourself it could be a long lonely slide to the end.

I will never run a 4-minute mile but rest assured I can run (or walk) a mile and yoga seemed so unnatural, yet today what feels strange is missing a class, I will never be the best, but I still reap the rewards and the personal satisfaction that feeds my soul.

The World Class never let the things they can’t do stop them from doing the things that they can do.

If your perceived limitations keep you out of the game and on the sidelines, you are living a middle-class mindset.

Get over it and get in the flow; figure out what you can do and then do it. Choose how you want to participate in your life, not just physically but intellectually, and emotionally as well. This concept applies to all areas of your life, take chances.

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