Life’s Droughts

Every one of us has ups and downs in their lives. Times of prosperity and times of drought. And as the good book says; “times to reap and times to sow.”

Dark Clouds Ahead

When life starts to feel drought-like, it’s time to sow. What I mean, it’s time to invest in others, time to get out of your way, time to shake up the routine.

Droughts come in many shapes and forms. Often thrust upon us when we can least afford them. Face it they never feel convenient, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say, “this would be a good time for life to slide into the dumper.”

They have the power to manifest themselves in many ways. I’ve experienced creative droughts, relational droughts, employment/work droughts, poor health, and droughts of the mind. You know the kind, the droughts of the brain where we wallow, the gateway to anxiety and self-doubt.

Long Droughts Become Ruts

Like my Grandfather used to say, “a rut ain’t nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out.” Once you’re in, you’ve got some serious scrambling to do.

Step One

Stop obsessing, get out of your head. Probably the best possible way to do that is to put yourself into the service of others. Be interested in everyone who crosses your path, in turn, they’ll find you most attractive. The best way to do that is to listen with unwavering intent, making everyone you speak with feel like they’re the only person in the room. Be open and receptive to all opportunities that arise, not saying for a minute that you need to pursue every opportunity, listen, give it the fullness of time and weigh how it fits for you.

Step Two, Three & Four

Go back to step one.

Have a World Class day my friend,