Life ~ An Emotional Rollercoaster

Brent BaldwinThere are days when I am on top of the world. Everything’s coming up roses, and I walk around telling everyone I meet that

“it’s the most beautiful world in the world.’

And in that head space, at that moment, it is.

Then there are days when the big black dog of depression sits at my front door and hangs its dark shroud. Dark emotions show up as an unexpected visitor with bad news. Life loses any hint of brightness, and its luster fades to gray.

When faced with dark days we often choose to ignore the emotion or suppress it, clearly not an effective long-term strategy. Sooner or later “the stuff” bubbles to the surface. The longer you wait, the more power “the stuff” has.

Suppressed negative dark emotions materialize as inappropriate responses or misdirected reactions. It’s never a good moment when that happens.

Life is not an endless Shangri-La

With sunshine and rainbows every day. Nor should it be. Reality is, sooner or later the big black dog is going to sit on your front step or at least cast its long shadow on your door as it passes. And then what are you going to do? What is your strategy?

Suppress or Deal With It?

At best suppression has but a momentary effect. The strategy of acting like nothing’s wrong and expecting a transformation into tranquility may work momentarily, but I’ve never seen anyone with the ability to harness its power long term. Bit by bit, little by little it morphs into something requiring guilty and long overdue attention.

Sooner is Better Than Later.

It all starts with recognition and acceptance. No-one gets out unscathed. On occasion, everyone has dark days.

Acceptance is a critical strategy when going from where you are to where you want to be. Seeing and feeling discomfort now is always better long-term, rarely is it comfortable in the short-term.

Remember, when life throws you a curve ball, getting around it can often seem like an interminable game of inches. This situation may very well be a marathon when all you feel capable of is a sprint. Persevere, don’t loose heart, and inevitably you will prevail.

Lead with your heart

What are you going to do? What strategy, habit or belief are you going to lean into to put this aside and give you the chance to start moving forward? What is the most honest, heart fealt, and effective act you can do right now to deal with this and move on to better times?

Although it may sound like an oxymoron but dealing with an issue sooner rather than later is typically the path of least resistance.

Riding the ups and the downs ~ Think World Class