It’s Never the Other Person

Brent Baldwin“It’s you ~ dumb-ass. I said ok, I get it, it’s my perspective and not the other person, but did you have to call me dumb-ass?”

As it turns out it was probably one of the best pieces of advice that I have ever received, and likely not as harsh as it should have been. All the same, it got my attention.

Up until that point, I assumed that I knew what other people were thinking about me. That sounds ridiculous when you see it written down. Why is it we believe that we know what the other person is thinking about us? The truth is we haven’t got a clue, and if we did the last thing we should do is care.

If I think it matters for one minute, I am going to start changing my direction and actions. I am going to start serving someone else’s agenda and not my own. This strategy will never get you where you want to go.

Without even realizing it many people in your life, including friends and family, want to keep you in a box. It is easier to define you and your relationship if they can compartmentalize. Place great big borders around who, and what they believe you are and should you try to cross any of those lines they will slap you back or choose some passive aggressive withholding in the relationship. I guess they think you are going to come slithering back with regret and remorse, ready to make amends and get back in your box.

It is a true friend and an honest relationship that will support and encourage your personal development. Seek out these relationships and work collectively to help each other while the rest of the world tries in vain to keep the status quo, status quo.

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