Is More Better Than Less?

The definitive answer to this looming question? ~ it depends. Sometimes we want quantity, and then there are times when quality is all that matters. Our inclinations are always shifting and are dependent on our personal value judgments of the offering.

More is better than less but at other times the best is all that matters. What we perceive to be right is very personal and shifts with current circumstances.

Examine your motivations. Is your catalyst in this decision of a quantitative nature or is it more qualitative.

Motivations and reactions have at their core two elements that have a huge impact and subconsciously guide our decision-making process. Most of the decisions we make in life have within them a quantitative or qualitative component.

The quantitative mindset, defined as “more is better than less” and typically along with that, “sooner is better than latter.”

Conversely, a qualitative motivation is about “the best, ” and the devil “be damned” with the amount. Better to have a few great pieces rather than a ton of ordinary run of the mill bits.

When assessing new opportunities first establish if you want a quantitative result or a qualitative result. Acknowledging your motivation will determine the goal you want to achieve. And more importantly, your next move. The answer is usually obvious to you.

Our motivations change with circumstances but often there is an underlying predisposition that we harbor; we lean either to quantity or quality.

Quantitative vs. qualitative decisions are not about right versus wrong they are about knowing yourself and what you want to get out of life. Each comes with its inherent set of responsibilities and at times frustrations.

Is “more” better than “less”? It depends ~ Think World Class