Is Abundance Finite?

Brent BaldwinSomewhere along the way, we developed an indelible belief that there is only so much prosperity to go around. Sure life may be excellent right now, but sooner or later the tide’s going to shift, the other shoe’s going to drop. Life is hard, and then you die.

If you know what’s good for you, you better prepare for reality and all the lack and deprivation it has to offer. No matter how good things are right now, reality is just around the corner waiting to bite your ass. It’s going to smack you between the eyes like a splintered 2 X 4, brace yourself. The sun is going to rise in the east, and undue hardships are lurking just around the corner. It’s as inevitable as death and taxes. Life is either feast or famine with disproportionate bouts of scarcity and sparse sprinklings of abundance.

There are many euphemism and bits of ill-gotten wisdom throughout our lexicon.


These are lessons we learned at the knee of those who influenced our formative years. Social instruction that implied you should just be happy with the little bit you have and don’t push too much. It’s just impolite, rude and bossy. These folks never get ahead, or if they do, no-one likes them After all the important thing is getting along and realizing there is enough for everyone if you’re not too greedy.

Life lessons and parables filled with massive rationalizations that have you expecting so little that failure is not a likely option. Limit the risk and accept the minimum reward; living life safe with your adrenal glands under control at all times.

Abundance is NOT finite, 

I’m 100% convinced that abundance is not finite. It may be a lot of things but finite, is not one of them; regardless of what others line-up to tell you. 

And still from time to time abundance needs to be coaxed, and cajoled from elusive corners and hidden shadows.

The harder I work the luckier I get

Stephen Leacock


Abundance needs to be brought into the light and your life with sufficient effort and focused intention. And inevitably abundance will manifest in your life; the goal is to keep the attraction alive.


The characteristics of abundance are such that it shows up without rhyme or reason and rarely on cue. Once it starts to present, its flow is not guaranteed nor should the tap of abundance be expected to be permanently stuck in the open position. That’s just foolishness and magical thinking.

Abundance is only limited by imagination. 

Sustaining an attitude of abundance requires an understanding of what abundance is. My definition is different than yours, and your definition is unique to you and you alone. Attitude is not the only thing you need to attract abundance into your life. 

You need a plan. Five things you can do today.

1) Define what abundance is for you. What does it look like, how will you recognize it? Seems obvious but too often it’s a gut feel and not a physical demarcation that we count on.

2) Understand WHY? Bottom-line if you don’t have a reason to be pissed-off with the way things are right now nothing’s likely to change.

3) Construct the HOW. Step by step. Start at the beginning and resist the temptation to skip the small stuff. Detail, detail, detail, nothing is too small. For big tasks, break them down into little manageable bites.

4) Give every step a timeline. Respect it and live within it. Carve the benchmarks in stone, then make them happen. Getting things done is a linear process, small incremental acts completed on-time, consistently, and with purpose.

5) The TARIFF, cause everything in life has a cost. It comes in many different forms. It can be financial, social, family vocational, or emotional. If you’re not prepared to pay the cost, then fold up your tent and move on.

Abundance is not finite ~ Think World Class