I am Humbled By What I Don’t Know

Never before have opportunities to learn and access to information been so readily available. I may be humbled by what I don’t know but I do know where to start my pursuit when faced with the opportunity to learn something new or I require clarification of an idea or thought ~ thank god for my computer.

In addition, the network of people in my life provides even greater access to more information and alternative perspectives, more often than not bringing to my attention things I had not considered. I sometimes wonder if we all know more than we did a generation ago or are we more generalized in our knowledge base, more lateral thinking and less depth. Regardless, it is imperative that you constantly build your network; this will inevitably be the single biggest asset that you possess.

The new issues are not what we don’t know it is how we access the information we have stored, regardless if that storage is cerebral, external files or through sources in our network of contacts, associates and friends.

For me it comes down to just two things. First is embracing a system or way of curating all of the information in a way that ideally facilitates intuitive or easy recall at a later date. Having the information is not worth much if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Secondly I place a very high value on the art of asking the right question. Asking the right question allows you the opportunity to refine your thinking, clarify your premise and optimize your ability to strengthen your beliefs. Be prepared to ask questions that open the conversation and avoid statements asked in the form of a question, this is not Jeopardy.

When I know I don’t know, I know where to start ~ Think World Class