Got to Have GRIT

Brent BaldwinWell if I have to have grit; how do I define it?

Grit is “stick-to-it-ness” (OK, maybe it’s not a word; but it should be). It’s the tunnel vision we get when focused on the object of our desire with the intensity of a laser. It’s in the zone, unshakable in our resolve. Plowing through to the brass ring with the finesse of a bulldozer, releasing furry on the things in our way.

Grit is living life guided by the conviction of attaining your heart’s desire; come hell or high water. Tearing down self-imposed limitations and putting aside doubts and fears.


It’s not the only trait you need to Think World Class. But, in conjunction with other sustainable skills, it’s one of the top 10 characteristics when it comes to the Think World Class philosophy.

Getting where you want to go, attaining achievements that make up your vision, and being self-fulfilled takes heart, moral fiber, courage, and willpower.


It sounds like GRIT may be offensive.

The only people who see grit as a socially unacceptable trait or inappropriate act, are the folks who are either too intimidated to pursue their deepest desires and wants or feel that you’re setting an unrealistic standard; typically a fear response.

Some of our friends and associates will think that at some level your tenacity and GRIT might just succeed. Not that they would ever admit it but, often these well-meaning folks don’t want to see you evolve outside the box in which they have you placed. If you ever changed what would become of your relationship?

Don’t we all have grit?

It takes courage, clarity, and fearlessness to activate your grit. Engaging your grit is not for the weak of heart.

I believe we all have the capacity for grit. Although some feel socially awkward exercising it. The comfort and safety of middle-class thinking are safer and more acceptable to the masses.

Be wary of an easily swayed and intimidated middle-class mindset. A mindset directed by the fear of looking too pushy, unwilling to fit in. Preoccupied with people pleasing rather than the fulfillment of a personal goal or agenda is the beginning of the end.

So tell me; could you use more GRIT in your life?

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Brent Baldwin

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