First Born

A while back I came across an article at entitled Personality Traits Linked to Birth Order. According to the article (they actually said this) most only children are first born ~ do you think so!

Being the first child in our family I always thought I would make a great only child; the only possible thing that could get in the way, siblings.

I can still remember Mrs. Robson from next door asking “how do you like having a baby brother Brent” I looked her straight in the eye and said “what I really wanted is a dog”. Next thing you know there is a baby sister in the family and still no dog.

Karen was a sweet little girl; she had everyone wrapped around her finger. In her teens she entered the Miss London contest and then went on to Miss Canada, later that year in Lima, Peru she was crowned Miss Universe. She went from home town girl to international jet setter in just a matter of months.

I went into real estate.

Karen moved to New York, she had a Manhattan apartment with a view of the park, her room-mate was Miss U.S.A. ~ you know, when I was 18 Miss U.S.A. would have been my first choice for a room-mate too.

What a life, first class travel around the world, hanging out with celebrity types, gifts, glamour, the whole shebang.

I was doing Sunday open houses in the middle of a recession and not well either.

Now on the other hand, my brother (back to that CBS article) turns out he is a classic middle child. The article said that the middle child was generally the polar opposite of the older sibling.

So Mark became the President and founding partner in a wildly successful international internet company that sold for multiple millions of dollars.

Being the polar opposite I explored the other end of the financial spectrum.

There was a time that I didn’t think I measured up, and then I realized I was thinking middle class, so now I consider myself a recovering middle class thinker. It isn’t the events that we have lived but how we choose to have them define who we are.

Think World Class