Delayed Gratification

Brent BaldwinI must admit, delayed gratification is a concept in which, I have not always believed.

As a matter of fact, for most of my life, I lived with the motto: Sooner is better than later, and more is better than less ~ ALWAYS.

While the hedonistic side of me believes that this is true, the older and wiser me has simplified the statement.

“Returns are better than losses.” 

Returns can be immediate or deferred.

Immediate and short term profits are self-explanatory. Delayed returns, on the other hand, are conditional upon your capacity to sustain a current state or lifestyle without irreparable compromise over a protracted period.

The World Class know that financial leverage (i.e., using someone else’s money) is integral to amassing better returns. Pretty basic economics, but let’s just add a variation to the concept.

Returns are not always monetary

Understand what you want to achieve. The investment that you are making, the return you want, or the leverage you are seeking may be financial, or it may be social, spiritual, political, physical, ecological or simply more time with family and loved ones.

There is a concept of quid pro-quo in each of these; Repayment, exchange or impact requires us to weigh, commitments against time and analyze the facts to determine viability. What is the return short term? What is the potential return long-term? Which investment or expectation best supports my character?

“Always consider whether a position of deferred gratification would serve you better.”

To do this, take the emotion out of the equation and make your decision based purely on facts.  Deferred gratification may be the key to creating better returns, stronger relationships, commitments, or mutual respect.

Being emotionally bankrupt, worried or loosing sleep  can make you physically sick. Is your obsession to pursue immediate rather than deferred gratification worth the toll? Some investments need time and some investments pay returns into our emotional bank account and feed our character.

Deferred gratification, think it through ~ Think World Class