Challenge the Familiar

Brent BaldwinMaybe it only feels right because it’s a habit, a familiar routine, one that offers comfort in its repetition, but the reality is, for some of us the routine, habit or familiar pattern is no longer serving us.

It may be time to look at what we are doing, to explore the why of it, and see if there is a better how in the mix.

Not only does this happen in our personal lives it seems to thrive in corporations, both small and large. Processes and people become so ingrained in daily routines that they fail to realize the effectiveness of what they are doing has long lost its value to the bottom–line or to their quality of life on a personal basis.

Maybe it did add value at one time, but things change, and people are typically resistant to anything that may be the least bit disruptive, we are, for the most part, creatures of habit.

The process of letting go seems harder than hanging on to a routine that is not quite as useful as it once was. After all, change of any kind can be a bit scary at times. The predictability of a pattern, regardless of its effectiveness is, if nothing else predictable, it feels safe.

World Class Thinking, is being comfortable with the uncomfortable; prepared for the risk, stepping into the unknown and the familiar Challenging the status quo is where the possibility of big returns and significant advancements lie.

When life gets interesting ~ Think World Class

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