What’s Your Energy Level?

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The one resource that we all have and don’t always appreciate is the energy we have for living. Low energy or high energy we all have it in some shape or form, and for the most part, we just accept it for what it is.

The reality is our energy level accelerates what we’re doing, or it keeps life in a holding pattern.

I’m not saying that your level of energy is finite, nor am I saying that your energy level is not changeable, just the opposite. Inspired low energy people can all of a sudden feel high energy, and high energy folks can find themselves with low energy levels and feeling spent.

Awareness gives you options

The more energy you have, the more energy you can tap into. It’s like a muscle, the more you train, the more that muscle can deliver. Energy is the same principal. With awareness, we can consciously infuse a low energy moment and kick it up a notch or two. Kick it up with nothing more than willful intent.

The less energy you have, the more likely you are to succumb to low levels of activity while your energy level atrophies before your eyes. Squander your energy at your peril. Low energy breeds self-doubt, anxiety and a short temper, as well as massive rationalizations with all the reasons under the sun that low energy is justifiable. Maybe at this moment, it is, but as a life option, it’s not, it erodes the best you have to give.

High energy is magnetic, if fosters goodwill, creativity, and inspiring relationships. Spend your energy wisely, be a good steward of your energy and invest it where dividends are highest. Be conspicuously conscious of where and why you are going to spend your energy right now.

Your energy bank is full,

Spend it wisely ~ Think World Class

You are your goals

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Regardless of what you want to call them dreams, goals, or pursuits they are a direct reflection of who we are. Not just superficially, or on the surface but deep down in our soul. We are what we pursue. Our dreams and goals bear witness to our truth. Not just the big, life-altering, audacious dreams and goals that we know we were born to tackle, but all of our aims. Each one of them reflects our truth to the world.

And if your dreams and goals are not that big then there is only one person who can change that. You have an agenda just waiting to bust out if you’re brave enough to let it. Just going along with the status quo is an uncreative way to live. Challenge and create, be open to the new and the exciting moments that you stumble upon today. Awareness can be enough to start your engines and ignite a fire in your belly.

Build from where you are and produce a product worthy of your signature. Be proud of your work, the product you put out and your commitment. Where you are at this moment in time is not an accident. You are here for a reason, and that reason can only be interpreted and understood by you. It may be to motivate you to something else, or it may be a call to expand internally and explore laterally.

Goals and dreams that align with our truth are convincing because they come from a deep-seated place of conviction. Without conviction, they deteriorate into the ethers, forgotten in time and lost in regret.

Conviction is the protective guard that protects us from the suspicious and the vindictive. It strengthens commitment and motivates us to knowledge, wisdom and the realization of our goals and dreams.

You are your truths ~ Think World Class

Thinking Outside the Box is an Inside Job

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World Class Thinking insists that we suspend our disbelief and look at what is happening, critically, without emotional attachment or preconceived ideas.

Without an open mind, it is impossible to increase your level of conscious awareness. An open mind gives careful consideration to new ideas or ways of looking at old problems.

Middle-class thinkers are prisoners of their perception or more accurately, prisoners of their self-imposed deceptions.

Trouble starts to brew when we interpret and mold situations to fit perceived values or when we condemn situations because they don’t agree with a long established set of limiting beliefs. When we do this, we inevitably find ourselves in conflict, sometimes attempting to defend the indefensible.

A lifetime of beliefs, no matter how poorly founded, are often defended with such vigor that they erroneously take on the appearance of fact. A strong offense is a good defense.

World Class Thinking requires an open mind; a mind that asks “is there a better way?”

Our beliefs and habits have evolved over a lifetime. Patience and persistence are essential in opening up to any scrutiny. Receptive to new thoughts, feelings or consciousness starts with an open mind and an open heart.

The World Class are some of the most open-minded people; universally they know that life is rarely black and white or carved in stone.

Choose to liberate your life,

Choose to live fearlessly from the inside,

Choose to look at life from outside the box ~ Think World Class