Playing a Hunch

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We’ve all had a hunch, an unexplained inclination that we knew we needed to act on, regardless of what logic or current evidence suggests. No matter what you call it, an inkling, an instinctive nudge, a gut feeling or an itch in the back of our brain, hunches that persist deserve a thorough exploration.

Contrary to logical thought or popular beliefs sometimes we just know, instinctively, that the hunch is the way to go. There are times when all the planning in the world still leaves us wondering what the next step is and a hunch may be your only option. Other times we logically feel we know what the next step should be but something in our gut directs us to step out of logic and rely on instinct.

There are lots of roads to a good hunch, but it’s only the brave who care to venture into the unknown with blind faith and play the hunch with commitment and vibrato.

Do they workout 100% of the time? No, but what in life does work out 100% of the time? A risk is inherent in everything we do.

Hunches come in all shapes and sizes, some are huge, massive wooly things capable of changing lives, others are inconsequential. Regardless of the size or shape of the hunch, it’s only as effective as the action it illicit’s. All hunches brim with flickers of uncertainty and just a dash of fear; be prepared and deal with it accordingly.

Sometimes you just need to step aside and play the hunch.

Not everything is preordained to unfold in a linear fashion. On occasion, you need to throw caution to the wind and listen to your gut. You’ll know when.

Go ahead, play the hunch ~ Think World Class

How to Recognize The Grateful Among Us

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Other than being outwardly grateful there are other telltale signs exhibited by grateful people. Common denominators of those in a state of gratitude. Little tells that the conscious observer can easily identify.

Here are the top 8 traits of the grateful.

An optimistic outlook on life.

Things are never so bleak and dark that the truly grateful can’t find a moment or something worthy of appreciation. They are typically comfortable with what they have; not focused on what they are about to acquire.

Confident with who they are.

Not only as individuals but amongst their peers. No need to exert a false facade or to try and be something that they aren’t.

Confident with where they are right now.

Sure the grateful have ambitions and goals for a different or better future. But the attainment of those goals starts with a firm foundation of a grateful present.

Able to express genuine compliments and social connectedness.

Grateful folks are folks we all love to be around. They are quick to acknowledge and to praise and cautious to criticize. No drama, poor me or self-absorbed stories.

Honest and sincere.

Those with a mindset of gratitude are not vindictive nor do the grateful back-hand you with insults thinly disguised around the “just wanted, to be honest with you” veil. Gratitude breeds integrity.

Grateful folks are focused, without concern for the opinions of others.

People pleasing not required. Those who have a mindset of gratitude know that trying to please everyone never pays significant dividends and typically leads us down the path of fulfilling someone else’s agenda.

Happy and Healthy.

Those among us who are truly grateful are in an agreeable state of well-being. Emotional well-being leads to better health. That’s a fact.


The grateful are quick to return kindness or to help others. The grateful are there for you; they got your back.

Gratitude is the work we do inside. As a byproduct, that work increases our desirability to those on the outside. Gratitude provides us peace and soul wrenching happiness.

What are you grateful for today?

Be grateful ~ Think World Class


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Propulsion; defined as the act of driving or pushing forward.

Not too many things in life are as satisfying as the fulfillment we feel when we find ourselves propelled forward. Progressing with a project, or towards the attainment of a goal has embedded within it, its own reward. Progress is the elixir for fulfillment and propulsion is the rocket fuel to get it done.

Action stimulates activity and progress is the intent needed for propulsion to ignite and drive us forward. Once we reach the state of propulsion progress seems to unfold at warp speed. Step into the flow, grab on, embrace it with all of your might cause this will be one hell of a ride.

Procrastination is the antithesis of propulsion. It is a wet blanket thrown over the fire that propels us forward.

Even if the procrastination is just for a short while, when you come back to it, it is never quite the same. Something’s lost, there is a difference, less electric energy about the work. The ether has eaten up what was once ripe with creativity and left in its place a hollow shell of what was about to emerge.

Stay in the game persevere and wait for propulsion to set those jets on fire. It will happen. Thrust yourself into your projects and let the velocity excite your senses and inspire your imagination.

Driving or pushing forward ~ Think World Class