How Meaningful is Your Work?

Brent Baldwin
Brent Baldwin

The meaning that we find in our work is subjective, a term of reference unique to you. What you find meaningful, may not even come close to hitting the radar of the person next to you.

Thank goodness we don’t all find meaning in the same things or life would become terribly mundane and boring. Or at the very least predictable to the point of not having any comparative terms of reference. Without contrast, life would become static and would deprive us of things like happiness and awe.

Meaningful; translates to motivation and in turn is a significant determining factor in our long-term happiness.

Meaningful work gives us a sense of purpose, a prideful point of reference. A feeling of being useful and adding value through our vocation. 

If you can’t find meaning in the work you’re doing, then you are on a slippery spiral into apathy at best, or despair at its worse. If your job has lost any sign of meaningful purpose for you, then finding yourself demoralized, is very likely, in your near future.

The bigger the meaning, the greater the personal investment you are likely to make.

The greater the investment, the more meaning your work is liable to have. It’s like a self-fulfilled prophecy. Meaning feeds your commitment and commitment feeds the meaning you derive. 

If you’re committed to finding or reinvigorating meaning into your work, the universe will co-operate as long as you commit. It’s doable with less effort than you may think.

  • It all starts with making a conscious commitment.
  • The second step is intimately understanding what your personal gateway to meaning is.
  • Third when you experience meaning hang on to it and make it your central focus.

Seek meaning, and you will find it ~ Think World Class

Don’t Underinvest in Yourself

Brent Baldwin
Brent Baldwin

You have two choices, (you always have two choices) either do the work and make the investment into your development, learning, and skill-set or at some point you find yourself scrambling, trying to pick up the pieces and regain lost ground.

World Class performers know that doing the work and, more importantly, doing the work now, is the only way to excel at your craft. Procrastination is a great debilitator and the result of middle-class thinking. There is no time like the present. Step-up, get the job done now, work on the intricacies and fine tuning so that when the time comes and the challenge looms large, you’re prepared. You are ready; the pieces have not only been picked up long ago they have been put into place with confidence and competence. Bring it on.

Nothing seeds confidence like being prepared.

When two performers square off, more often than not the victory goes to the one who has worked the hardest, applied well thought out strategies, tested, tried, amended and repeated the process again, relentlessly pursuing personal development.

The middle-class performer believes that there is still time. The World Class performer believes that every moment has within it an opportunity that is just waiting to be utilized. The best time to use any available moment is when it presents itself.

You are the biggest asset that you have ever had, or will ever have. Don’t underinvest in you.

Invest in yourself ~ Think World Class

Get Your Funk On!

Brent BaldwinShow the world how unique you are. Dare to be original.

When you get your funk on you’re letting the world see your authentic self. Your creative side, the part of you that you often play down for fear of ridicule or misunderstanding. That part of you that you are not entirely sure if the rest of the world is capable or ready to understand.

Screw it, let it out, share it with the world and be the unique individual you were always meant to be. Daring takes balls. But in that daring lies freedom, fulfillment, and honesty.

Success rarely lies in the cookie cutter mold. It is the individual, the square peg, the outlier that gets the attention. Sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Preparation is the key when the attention comes. What do you want to do with it? Where is your plan? What is your next move?

Without knowing your next step, you run the risk of second guessing yourself or falling into the trap of feeling intimidated, outed, or ostracized. Your uniqueness can become a point of vulnerability. Preparation and planning mitigate that risk; not entirely but sufficiently, so you don’t get completely blown off track.

With a purpose or a plan, you become clear and ahead of the pack. Lead from your unique and creative perspective; when you know where your end-game is you can leave the doubters in the dust. Bring on the world and let your creativity meet it with enthusiasm and vibrato.  

Get your funk on ~ Think World Class