Love & Beliefs

Brent Baldwin

Rainbows, blue skies, and love filled with unbridled passion. Endless summer nights, two souls entwined as one, the rush and excitement of real love filling every waking moment with bliss. This is how many imaginations portray perfect love.

Then after a few years, reality hits us between the eyes and everything we dreamed possible becomes a naive expectation. Life gets in the way, and we end up accepting, compromising, and resenting our current state of affairs.


Some are open and receptive to finding a better way. But for others, when presented with alternatives, they respond defensively, choosing to adopt a misguided attitude of self-preservation.

The rationalization; “it’s best to protect our pride from further disappointment so let’s become guarded and skeptical.

Jaded and defensive they construct walls and accept less than they believe they deserve.

Here’s a truth. What you believe about love, being loved or loving is directly connected to your beliefs and experiences. Your beliefs are going to determine the love you’re experiencing right now.

We have worked for years coaching, developing tools, creating sustainable alternatives and successful solutions, so you don’t have to compromise any longer.

Invest in YOU.

There is more love out there for you, there is a better way, and the good news is you’re capable of experiencing it.

The Think World Class Process can shine a light and coach you to break down the barriers. We can take you from the brink of emotional ruin to fulfillment. Check us out and then let’s talk.

Brent Baldwin

I Love Loving

So tell me, who doesn’t? Better question, do you have enough love in your life? If not, what are you going to do about it? Or are you one of those who believe you have to play the hand that’s dealt.

Start by giving love.

Nothing gets you out of an unfortunate mindset faster than lovingly putting yourself out there for someone else. The thing that stops most of us is the person we see in the mirror. Sometimes all we need is a coach or someone to guide us from where we are, to where we want to go.

What’s the payoff?

Put your heart and soul into everything you do, and live your life filled with love. You’ll find yourself living and loving life all over again.

Show up with an attitude of love for just 24 hours. Do it. Choose to see the world through loving eyes. When you give freely and unconditionally, never imagined acts of love show up and fill our hearts. Unfortunately, on our own, it’s almost impossible to sustain; Think World Class coaching can give you the tools you need to make these life-altering changes part of your DNA.

If ever there was anything in the human experience worth doing freely and often, it’s loving. Nothing excites the senses like love. Love causes our hearts to race; it can make our head swim, and make the whole world look a little brighter. Love can ease pain; it can turn enemies into friends, and it has the power to set your world right-side up.

What’s the downside to loving?

Some will tell you that when you love freely, you become vulnerable and emotionally exposed. To the doubters, I say stop being afraid. Stop the judgment and give it a try.


Living Fast

At an elementary level, we have a need for speed — a need for the exhilaratin that accompanies manic like activity. We tell tales of moments of focus and momentum, where we have prevailed. It can be addictive, and self-defining when the forward action is focused on work or in our careers.

Fundamentally, we think that working at a break-neck pace will define us as some sort of “superhuman.” Erroneously, we hope others acknowledge and identify who we are, what we do, and our unique talents, as remarkable when we work flat-out.

Quite frankly, most of the time, others don’t notice or if they do, really don’t give a damn. Go ahead be a martyr.

MAN; look at me go!

The feeling that what we are doing not only needs to be done urgently and with due haste, “fast” has some misplaced purpose in our rationalized minds. Not only am I quick, but no-one else can do it as good as me. (Second popular fallacy.)

Timelines and deadlines.

The need for speed is the result of someone ignoring a deadline, misappropriating the work, or an unrealistic timeline based on a lack of experience. It may not be YOU; it could be the person delegating.

The downside, speed is sloppy.

If it is an issue of delegating determine who is going to take the heat if the wheels fall off the wagon. If it’s you, stand-up and protect your reputation.

The reputation you think you are building may be the exact opposite of what you’re receiving. Fast comes with an increased probability for mistakes, often requiring compromises and time burning do-overs.

Quality Takes Time

Do we believe that a job done with high speed is better than a thoughtful act? Of course not. We have all been brought up with the saying that anything worth doing is worth doing right. And “right” needs time.

Slow down, do the work, and do it remarkably well.