Sweat The Small Stuff

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Jump right in and do the little things. If your goal is to make significant progress toward a dream or vision, do the little things and do them well. Don’t stop.

Not all progress is observable. Actually, for the most part, the bulk of any progress you make is so small and incremental that you would be hard pressed to articulate it if you had to. The small stuff isn’t what we talk about, but it is what we do if we want to get it right. 

Progress in and of itself is a collection of minuscule tasks, often thought of as inconsequential acts. Trivial actions that cumulatively lead to where you want to go.

The intention and the vision are the “big picture,” but the reality is the big picture is only observable in retrospect. The small acts are the feet on the ground legwork required to move the pin from where it is today, to something closer to the finish line.

The finish line will never be attained in one swoop. It requires concentration and a deliberate willingness to do the small essential tasks repeatedly, without losing or compromising enthusiasm or intention.

The broad brush strokes are all that we remember, yet it’s the small steps that are essential to those broad strokes having any impact or influence on the big picture.

Be prepared to do the little things without reservation. Continually moving forward with incremental steps can lead to huge leaps and results.

The small things are often the big difference between getting what you want and falling short. Too often we get bored or lose sight of the influence small mundane steps have on the direction we a pursuing. Losing sight and letting go or refusing to acknowledge or being unwilling to do the small stuff is a sure fire way to miss your mark.

The small things are the unsung heroes of big accomplishments ~ Think World Class

Is More Better Than Less?

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The definitive answer to this looming question? ~ it depends. Sometimes we want quantity, and then there are times when quality is all that matters. Our inclinations are always shifting and are dependent on our personal value judgments of the offering.

More is better than less but at other times the best is all that matters. What we perceive to be right is very personal and shifts with current circumstances.

Examine your motivations. Is your catalyst in this decision of a quantitative nature or is it more qualitative.

Motivations and reactions have at their core two elements that have a huge impact and subconsciously guide our decision-making process. Most of the decisions we make in life have within them a quantitative or qualitative component.

The quantitative mindset, defined as “more is better than less” and typically along with that, “sooner is better than latter.”

Conversely, a qualitative motivation is about “the best, ” and the devil “be damned” with the amount. Better to have a few great pieces rather than a ton of ordinary run of the mill bits.

When assessing new opportunities first establish if you want a quantitative result or a qualitative result. Acknowledging your motivation will determine the goal you want to achieve. And more importantly, your next move. The answer is usually obvious to you.

Our motivations change with circumstances but often there is an underlying predisposition that we harbor; we lean either to quantity or quality.

Quantitative vs. qualitative decisions are not about right versus wrong they are about knowing yourself and what you want to get out of life. Each comes with its inherent set of responsibilities and at times frustrations.

Is “more” better than “less”? It depends ~ Think World Class

The ROI of Time

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Like any other resource, your “time” is worthy of an investment strategy. A well thought out plan to maximize its effectiveness in our lives.

Unlike some commodities, it’s not a renewable resource, once its gone its gone for good, can’t make any more of it. Yet we tend to live our lives as if it’s endless.

Bottom line no one gets out alive.

Every day you wake up, you’re on the downside of whatever time you have available. For some of us, that’s less than others. But the mystery of life is such that no one knows for sure what’s left or what percentage is gone. Ignorance is bliss.

Invest your time wisely

Like the adage says; there’s no time like the present. Be consistent and purposeful, not concentrating on what’s left but acutely aware of where you are at this current moment. Maximize the NOW in your life with a strategy and measure that strategy with an expected ROI in mind.

ROI = soft and hard returns

Invest in yourself. Feed your soul, seed your mind and stimulate your physical self. 

Invest in others. Encourage support and be generous with your accolades and cautious with your criticism. 

Invest in projects. Get excited and pursue projects with passion. 

Invest in things that personally payoff for you physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually and intellectually. 

Study after study proves the quality of life is optimized when we live well rounded and full lives. Choose to live your life filled with social interaction, regular physical activity, and intellectual pursuits.

Fulfillment is its own, reward

Plan and prepare daily, use diaries, lists, calendars, and planners, whatever works for you. Do it with purposeful intent and do it consistently. Make short, medium and long-term plans and diarize commitments and results. Strategize and measure the return on investment of your time. Your time deserves accountability and understanding. Know where the ultimate payoffs are. It is incumbent upon you to understand where your time’s spent/invested and what the return is.

What’s your expectation for ROI of your time? ~ Think World Class