The Age of Magical Thinking

Brent BaldwinSociety has evolved, or maybe more accurately devolved, to be singularly centered around I, me and myself. Not only have we advanced acute narcism, but we have also developed it with an angry, vindictive edge. Rather than constructive reasoning and debate, it’s much easier to grab the sword and start slicing at anything that resembles vulnerability.

“Those not in agreement deserve the wrath of my unvarnished bile.”

From schoolyard bullies, captains of industry, the nation’s leaders, and at every conceivable level in between, people feel compelled to take a “no holds barred” stand on everything. Taking a staunch position and feeling it is an inherent right to declare to all within earshot that I am the center of the universe. Regardless how well thought out or sound my thesis is, I am divinely right, and your beliefs are not tolerable; that is unless they align with mine.

We are at a crossroad.

A time in history that will be looked back on with either grim horror or accusatory, finger-pointing blame, placed squarely at the door of our dissenters. Hopefully, the current line in the sand will be blown away by the winds of change.

Mitigate divisive grassroots anger through your willingness to show up with mutual respect and constructive dialogue.

It’s not impossible; it’s just at this moment in time the pendulum is swinging to the outer reaches. Hopefully, it will return to a more respectful balance sooner rather than later; because later may be TOO LATE. 

You have a choice.

Declare yourself open to respectful debate and willing to listen to alternatives with an open mind. Share your beliefs with compassion and empathy. Be a force of one, vigilant in your quest and know that you are part of a quite, informed, majority.

I am not suggesting for a minute that we abandon well thought out opinions nor would I ever agree to accept anything contrary to my foundational beliefs. What I am advocating is a return to civilized and constructive conversations. Conversations where alternative points of view are expected and welcomed. 

There will always be those who choose to be vindictive rather than civilized. Your role is to not take their alternative views personally. After all they’re just words.

Listen, debate and Think World Class

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