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Then seriously consider breaking it. Don’t waste any time. Do it now and do it intentionally. The things we take for granted or find comfort in are often the things that cause us to be weighed down, immovable and vulnerable. Assumptions can cause us to become less adaptable to change and inevitably, at some level, limit opportunity.

Take your sacred cows and tear them apart now and then.

When we assume our way is the only way to look at things, we evolve to the downside of the bell curve. What we end up looking at, is the beginning of the end.

Things and stuff need to be shaken-up, subjected to a bit of bending, breaking just a little off the edges or maybe tearing the whole thing apart and ending up with a better mousetrap.

Better to be the author of disruption than a victim.

When you do it on your terms, you have more insight, and you understand the nuances a whole lot better. This intentional exercise develops your adaptability muscle and prepares you for the unknown and the new.

Is the risk too high?

Well, I would submit to you that the real danger is in not doing it and becoming staid and irrelevant. Sure you’re comfortable with things just the way they are. Resist, and in the end, you’ll find yourself being comfortable and looking around saying to anyone who will listen “not sure what happened but the whole world seems to have changed.”

Be open and allow yourself to see the purple elephant in the room. When you explore change, the last thing you need to know is the result. Having to know, or insisting before you begin to understand the impact or result, is going to limit opportunity. Our natural inclination is to limit change to something that falls within the parameters of acceptable tolerance. Be open to the modification regardless if the result is good bad or indifferent.

No matter how you slice it, it’s risky business, so brace yourself.

The result is not the goal. The process is where we grow by challenging our limitations. It’s where we find new horizons to explore and discover the excitement life has to offer.

Be a maverick, be bold, break the things you love the most ~ Think World Class