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The first step in being who we want to be is being who we are. Always best to build from a position of strength rather than building something from the illusion of who we think others think we should be. Or the flavour of the month, “I saw it on TV and just know I could do that”. Even if we’ve declared to the entire world “This is who I am going to be”, it’s just empty platitudes and delusional thoughts until you intimately understand how your uniqueness dovetails into the pursuit. What do you have to offer? Here’s a little-unsolicited advice, stop the public declarations and keep a lid on it until you have, at the very least, figured that part out. First steps are first steps cause they’re the first things you need to do. Amazing how that works.

It will never be a reality unless the effort is first and foremost, supported by your core strengths, beliefs and abilities. Then factor in a Herculean amount of focused commitment, augmented with generous doses of excitement, adrenaline and sacrifice. Sacrifice, cause we all know you’ll never become World Class sitting on the couch. Unless that’s exactly the thing you aspire to be, A World Class Couch-Sitter ~ in that case, go ahead, sit away. Imagine how competitive couch-sitting would be as an event, it would be dominated by the middle-class.

So assume your aspiration is not couch-sitting, and the romance of flying a jet is more to your liking, your ultimate dream. If you’re debilitated by a fear of flying and have no intention of addressing that first, then flying is just a romantic notion. A notion with “zero” probability of coming to fruition. So what’s next? Well, you figure it out, this is solo work. There is no detail or consideration too small when going through the process. Research should never be glossed over or discounted. The beginning is where it all begins; the foundation needs to be able to support the audaciousness of your greatest dream.

World Class Thinking is about building from the baseline of who we are. Taking a personal inventory of the self, begin at the beginning. Start there and understand what you have to offer, your unique beliefs. Then factor in your unstoppable passion and committed resilience. Cause to be the best a generous dose of both is an essential ingredient.

Learning what we need to know, engaging mentors tutors and experts. Leveraging reality to catapult our current commitment to a committed future. These are all part of next steps, don’t even go there until you got that first part figured out.

To be World Class always starts with understanding what you have to work with, what does your unique personal inventory of ability have to offer?

Begin at the beginning ~ Think World Class