Do You Really Think You’re Enough?

Brent BaldwinReally; why would that be?

After all, we are pretty good at infecting our minds with the pain of self-doubt, the misery of self-condemnation and the angst that underlies self-deprecating humor. Sometimes these stories loop in our mind with schizophrenic persistence. Lies that we silently live with day in and day out, beliefs that undermine our truth and really, really get in the way.

See your limitations

Time to be realistic about who we are, see your weaknesses as opportunities to grow, identify the areas of our life that need work. Then do the work! Start now, set a timetable and commit to converting your weaknesses into assets through hard work and concentrated effort. Figure out where to start and begin today.

Build a personal inventory

List your abilities and strengths; they are all you need and are just fine the way they are. Give your current abilities direction and move forward with intention. Rather than being dismissive, and taking an easy out, build from a personal position of strength.

Everything that you have accomplished as of this date is an asset, all of your experiences and influences that you have been exposed to make you the person that you are. In some way, all acquired attributes and powers are building blocks for you to draw upon, they are sufficient to take you all the way. It starts with believing and moving to deployment.


It is the trap of comparing ourselves to someone else’s talent that we have no business in pursuing; “I always wanted to be (fill in the blank).” You see someone who has worked at their craft or dream, and you think “I want that talent too.” After all, you find it appealing and think (in some delusional way) that it would be nice if you magically had those qualities or abilities. The reality is most are just not prepared to put in the work to achieve them. But if they could be magically bestowed upon me I would be a real good steward, take excellent care of them, “I promise to use them for the good of humanity.”

Wake up; it doesn’t work that way! You know that.

When it comes to being you ~ Think World Class