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Ask yourself this question; how do I choose to respond to the things that I didn’t choose?

The answer to this question can be very revealing. It is a window into our thought process, our emotional fortitude, our ability to be accountable, and maybe more importantly, an insight into our propensity to blame versus resolve. It is a window from which we can have an honest peek at our reaction and actions, how we operate in the world. It tells a lot about who we are. Do we want to blame and walk as far away as possible or are we made up of sufficient character to seek resolution? Are we willing to look at what is going on and determine our next steps without attachment, oblivious to the perceptions of others? Are we willing to be independently minded?

The middle class will blame as quickly as they can and if things persist they will run as far away as possible. The World Class apply critical thinking to the situation. They look at the facts without attachment. They choose to see what is really happening, determine what if anything, can be reclaimed or discovered based on their measured, well thought out terms of reference. The actions of the World Class are always congruent with their goals and mission. If there is nothing of value, the World Class will walk away without a second thought but if there is a value they will see it, and pursue.

When stuff happens ~ Think World Class