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I am always awed by the view out the window of a plane or from any high vantage point for that matter, looking down from atop a steep hill, peering over a cliff, or even from the window of the upper floor of a tall building. There is something about the perspective of looking down on the world below that captivates me. I find it mesmerizing.

Life from 10,000 feet is a great metaphor for being in the world rather than being in our self-absorbed world. A world that begins and ends at the end of our noses. Seeing life from here to the horizon puts things into a perspective that broadens possibilities. When I choose this view, it takes me out of short-sighted and limited options. It allows me to see beyond the things in my immediate world that cause me to obsess. Looking down from a higher plain allows my perspective to open up, even if it’s just momentarily.

Let me tell you what it’s like for me when seeing my physical world from on high. I feel as if can breathe just a bit deeper from up here. If outside it always feels as if the air is crisp and clear. Views and vistas fill my heart with awe and my mind with wonder. Possibilities abound. It’s an unencumbered vantage point from where I feel that I can see in every direction for miles. Metaphorically the fog lifts, the clouds part and the sunshine provides a beacon of clarity. Metaphysically, a life lived from 10,000 feet ebbs and flows, it sways with metronomic rhythm and provides the advantageous feeling of living in a future tense state of mind. The path from here to there, seems to be a bit more clear.

Get yourself out from the trees and see yourself from 10,000 feet. Still not sure what way to turn. Then fill in the unknowns with intuition.

Give yourself some space to breathe to let go of the short-view and step out of the way, see what it is you want, where you want to go and the best route to get there. Sure the answers still have a speculative quality about them but it’s a direction once you commit to choosing it. A direction is always better than getting mired in doubt and fear. See the process of stuck as just a momentary bottle-neck.

We all soon realize that staring at tree bark doesn’t offer much of an option. When we start concentrating on the trees, our field of vision becomes narrowed. The more narrow our vision, the more limited the solutions. Getting up close and personal with tree bark will never give you the big picture perspective that many of life’s crucial decisions require. Choose to see all the trees in the forest and even better choose to see them from 10,000 feet.

Letting go and letting faith take the wheel for a bit is not only rewarding it is damn straight liberating. Opening up to new options requires letting go. A process that for all intents and purposes, frees the mind delivers expectations a reprieve and provides direction.

Constructive choices don’t see the light of day until they have a platform from which to hail. Your job is to create that platform to think beyond limitations.

Wash away limitations, see life from 10,000 feet ~ Think World Class