Can’t Have It Both Ways

Brent BaldwinLife is a series of choices, and in life, this is never more evident than when we choose safety over risk.

It is an oxymoron to think we can be safe and experience the excitement of risk simultaneously. Conversely, taking on risk will never provide the predictability of a safe choice.

Understanding Risk & Safe Choices

  1. Start with clarity, why are we attracted to the risk or conversely why do we want safety?
  2. Next, add your purpose and expectation.
  3. The third step, determine the upside and the downside.
  4. Then finally, lean toward the choice that offers you the best return for growth and opportunity.

Remember, without risk, nothing much ever happens.

Life is a series of risks, some big some small. The reality, there is always an element of risk, even when we choose the safe option.

Whenever we attempt to do something more, to experience interpersonal growth, or to challenge the status quo, as we know it,  we step into risk. The risk is always subject to degrees and, for the most part, the measurement is subjective rather than quantifiable. Any risk is also individual according to the tolerance of the one assuming the risk.

To those outside of the risk transaction, personal interpretations and assessments are evaluated much like a Monday morning arm chair quarterback, analyzes the Sunday afternoon game.

A risk is a renewable resource, best when embraced.  The process of stepping into risk always offers a payoff; like expanded knowledge, learned talents and experience, the kind of stuff that makes a life memorable.

Safety builds walls and barriers and prefers to co-exist within the realm of the known. Locked down in what we expect and understand. We can’t live on our past successes.

Middle-class mindset is one of comfort and as little risk as possible. The World Class Thinker sees risk and decides to manage it to the best of their ability.

Life is not linear, it ebbs and flows, filled with as much opportunity and risk as you can handle.

Do something bigger than you ever have before ~ Think World Class