Being Progressive

New media outlets and communication sources seem to pop-up almost daily. Granted most of these are not only new but amazingly innovative as well, which in and of itself is pretty amazing. While new and innovative media sources appear on the scene with increased frequency the points of view being expressed seem to become very singular in their attempt to position for the attention of a specific demographic or to support a dogmatic proposition. All of them seem to have an exclusive mandate as they ravenously compete for a piece of our mind with their myopic message. Little room is left for alternative views. And debate (if at all) becomes argumentative, relying exclusively on volume to win the day while logic is unceremoniously tossed out the window or vehemently dismissed.

We seem to have found a fondness for elitism and watch approvingly as the select few in control promote their own interest and use their available access to leverage and spin for the singular purpose of attaining greater wealth and influence. As a social consequence of over exposure to a repeated message we have morphed into an acceptance of these grand illusions (political, social or corporate) looking for a one dimensional answers to satisfy social ills or answer the big looming questions.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting a socialist agenda here. My thoughts are neither left nor right, pro wealth nor am I advocating on behalf of the poverty class.  What I am advocating is that each of us takes responsibility to be progressive in our thinking and look at things critically. Collectively we need to open up the debate, with an honest and respectful dialogue. Our collective intelligence is powerful beyond measure and if we harness its ability and respectfully seek answers to the right questions then our society, community or families will become progressive while actionable solutions present themselves.  

World Class thinking is progressive thinking ~ Think World Class