Adventures and Agendas

A quick word to the busy, distracted, and manic. Getting through the daily grind and accomplishing tasks on a list is not an adventure. These activities are agenda items, plain and simple. Sometimes we wish they were adventures and at other times insist there isn’t time for adventures because of our overburdened agendas.

The reality is adventures and agendas should be compartmentalized. Each understood for their independent purpose and value.

Agendas are essential in prioritization, they are invaluable in keeping focused and inherent in moving from concept to fruition of our goals. They serve a great purpose, they’re a pure form of function. The one thing they rarely are is memorable.

Life is Lived Experientially

Adventures, on the other hand, are the things dreams are made of. Life was never meant to be lived as a spectator sport, nor are the promise of its fruits tasted through rote and routine. Adventures need to be grasped by the ears and ridden hard into our memories.

Memories Shape Shift

The funny thing about memories; they take on a life of their own, they evolve, never to be relied upon for their historical accuracy. Memories are the storehouse for adventures lived, the place where they take on a life of their own through retelling and time. The one thing memories can be relied upon for is the emotional vigor that’s loaded into the fiber of a memorable adventure.

Live your adventures with gusto. Make time for them and never shy away when they present. Adventures make you exciting and also, comfort you throughout your life. Reflecting on old agendas, or lists of tasks completed generally won’t offer you the same emotional experience of the memory of a great adventure lived.

Adventures last forever ~ Agendas collect dust.