Keynote Speaker


Brent Baldwin




The audience will learn:

What world class thinking really is, how to get it, and how to use it to build your personal and professional dreams.

  • How to avoid the most common killer of champions
  • How to develop the laser focus of world class thinking
  • Exactly why you must have 100% clarity to become a true champion and lead the field
  • How to develop world class thinking strategies to help you come out on top in any situation.

There’s a HUGE GAP between Middle Class Thinkers and World Class Thinkers.

For Example:

  1. The Middle Class competes…The World Class creates
  2. The Middle Class avoids risk…The World Class manages risk
  3. The Middle Class lives in delusion…The World Class lives in objective reality
  4. The Middle Class loves to be comfortable…The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable
  5. The Middle Class has a lottery mentality…The World Class has an abundance mentality
  6. The Middle Class hungers for security…The World Class doesn’t’ believe security exists
  7. The Middle Class sacrifices growth for safety…The World Class sacrifices safety for growth
  8. The Middle Class operates from fear and scarcity…The World Class operates from love and abundance
  9. The Middle Class sees themselves as victims…The World Class sees themselves as responsible
  10. The Middle Class slows down…The World Class calms down

The list of subtle distinctions in thinking between these two groups is endless, but the bottom line is simple: The average person getting average results is a product of Middle-Class BELIEFS, the only way to transcend this limited level of thinking is to Think World Class.


The foundation of our Think World Class message is the idea that everything we become, achieve and think about is the direct manifestation of our current level of consciousness.

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